Wednesday, March 10, 2010

600 Posts!

I can't believe I have clicked 'publish' six hundred times since I started this little ol' blog.  (Actually, it's been many more times, because I don't know about you, but I never get a post 'right' on the first try.  Publish, read it, go back, fix some things, publish again, read it.... is that just me or do you tweak, too?)

Anyway, celebrating Post Number 600 has had me doing a lot of walking down memory lane, and here is what I've discovered:

 - The blog gives a pretty good picture of our life, and often a look at who I am as well.

 - I have had some fairly serious thoughts over the years, but God gets credit for planting a lot of them.

 - Having a sick baby is trying and life-changing, and yet is a blessing, too.

 - Dale has said (and done) some very funny things.  And sweet things too.

 - Alan has had his fair share of funny, sweet, and not-so-sweet moments.  And did you know he was once a baby, too?

 - I really love homeschooling.

 - Tyler joining us has been a beautiful thing.

 - I love this man a whole awful lot.

Thanks for coming along with me on this little blog journey.  Yeah, I'd probably still do it if no one but me ever read a word of it - having this record of our daily life is priceless.  But without you it certainly wouldn't be as much fun. :)


Kara said...

Amy I am so sorry my computer went crazy and posted my comment 4 times, which I then tried to delete!

Shanna said...

WOW! 600?! Congrats.

I'm 2 away from 300. Half way there...:o)

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Happy 600th post!!!! I love 'em all. :)

P.S. My next post will be my 600. How crazy is that?!

momtofivekids said...

yay! Thanks for being a great blogging friend! :)