2012 - 2013 Curriculum

Dale (4th Grade)
The Old Testament made simple.  Intended for adult self-study or church small-groups.  We already owned this (and the companion The New Testament Made Simple). I have adapted it for younger student use.  We will go through the Old Testament 8 different ways in the first half of the year.

Singapore Math 3B and 4A.  We've been using Singapore since Dale was in 1st grade.

Copywork from literature and quotes
I am making my own practice pages using the font School Script Dashed dowloaded from Dafont.com 

Twice a week journaling using prompts from Made by Mom Materials on Currclick.
At least once a week blogging on his own blog.


Twice a week supplement / review from Skill Builders Grammar.

Dale is reading 2 lessons a week aloud to Alan from Book 3 of this Nature Reader set:

Social Studies
Per Dale's request we will be learning about various foreign countries this year.  As a convenient jumping off point we are starting with a unit on the Summer Olympics.  He and Alan are making a joint lapbook from Currclick.

Once we begin our country-by-country study he will be making lapbook inspired notebooking pages.  For our resources we will be referencing library books, 

the internet, including these webpages:




Alan (1st Grade)
We will be studying a character trait a week, with appropriate Bible stories and memory verses, combining the lessons from:

Hubbard's Cupboard Joyful Heart Character
Kids of Integrity from Focus on the Family, Canada

Explode the Code Books 1 & Two

Some time ago I downloaded a free sample version of The Logic of English Cursive program, before the product was quite ready for market.  The free version is no longer available, but the completed version is available for purchase.

Singapore Kindergarten Essentials B

Singapore 1A

Reading aloud from McGuffey's Primer

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Christian Liberty Science reader (same as Dale, see above)

Social Studies
2012 Summer Olympics
Foreign Country studies
(Same as Dale, see above)

Later in the year, we will probably slowly begin Natural Speller, Grade 1.


Tyler (Turns 3 Jan 2013)

Hubbard's Cupboard Joyful Learning 2's
We are using this mostly as a guide of ideas, and not worrying about "school" so much at this age.  You can read more about my ideas on preschool at this age at the bottom of this post.

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Sharla said...

We used Kids of Integrity a few years ago. Sounds like you are off to a good start...have a great year!