Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Days!

It took until the last week of February, but we finally saw some winter weather!
Hang on to your toboggans, this is a picture-loaded post!

"Snow Day" 1, which was actually more sleet than snow:

Snow Day 2:
(3 inches of real snow!)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Zoo Trip - Feb 21

Saturday was an impromptu trip to the zoo. "Impromptu" as in when we woke up we didn't know we were going, but just an hour and a half later 8 people were fed, dressed, and buckled into the car. In case you didn't know, this is no small feat.

The good times were rolling before we ever reached our destination. On the way, we saw this establishment:

...and said "Look! 'Daniel's Automotive!' ".  To which our own Daniel replied, "My 'motive? Huh!", in a tone of voice that indicated he was quite impressed.

On to the zoo....

Our butterfly with a butterfly:

Does every zoo start with large bird exhibits?

It wasn't that cold, but Levi was bundled nicely, anyway.

It was a beautiful mild morning, even though it was drizzly. We got to watch some African plains animals up close for quite a while! 

How many kids can we fit in an elephant's footprint? (Tyler wasn't interested)

Elephants are Brooklyn's Best! (that's Brooklyn speak for 'favorite')

Giraffes have got to be some of God's most amazing creatures!

Getting a peek at the rhino: 

Monkeys watching monkeys:

Brooklyn was surprised when this pacing cat appeared in front of her!

Checking out the white tigers:

Feeding the ducks and GIANT catfish:

One playful penguin:

Lengthy wrap-around aquarium, complete with birds flitting and flying above (and one rambunctiously bathing duck): 
Beautiful, happy zoo day!