Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Feb 7

We spent the afternoon today at the lake celebrating a friend's 4th birthday! The day was beautiful and mild. 

After play time and pizza and cake, we all set out to explore a campground island. The fourteen of us, yes, 14 - and that's just two families! - tromped and raced and walked and admired for an hour or so, then headed back to the 'mainland'. The idea was for the kids to keep running and playing at the playground there while the adults enjoyed some nice park benches. :)

But after we crossed the bridge and all turned right toward the playground, one little explorer turned left instead. His brown head soon disappeared down an incline, so I sent the others on ahead, and said we'd catch up. I quickly followed his trail, since he had been headed toward the water. 

This is how I found him:

My contemplative one.

Just enjoying the beauty of the water and sunshine.

Admiring it all as God's creation.

I'm always thankful for his perspective.

And always thankful that he can still be a kid. On this day, we enjoyed a few quiet moments together and then I easily convinced him to join the others at the playground.
Where we snacked on lunch leftovers.

And swang. (Dirty face alert!) 

Don't fun days like that wear you out, too?

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