Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Around the House

In the crockpot:
A whole chicken. It came stuffed with three necks. I was amused by the thought of my 3-headed chicken so I sent my mom and sister a picture and inadvertently grossed them out.  I'll spare you the same.

With our chicken we'll be having baked beans and...whatever else I come up with at the last minute.

In the school room:
Today? Not much. Our Bible story was about the Israelites complaining in the wilderness (again). Dale and Alan do a Bible notebooking entry each day. Today I sent Dale for a do-over, trying to stretch him to do more and try harder. It was a battle, but we got it done.
Alan is writing a letter to a friend.

Out and About:
I can't get enough of the beautiful fall trees outside my windows! Vivid reds, bright oranges, glowing yellows and even healthy evergreens under a bright blue sky, day after day. Gorgeous!

This afternoon we'll be walking a few doors down for a weekly playdate with friends, something we've all begun to look forward to lately!

Baby days:
A few weeks ago Daniel was regularly using a handful of words, but lately he's put them aside to concentrate on another skill: walking! He is plunging head-long into being a full-fledged toddler, truly 'toddling' everywhere he goes. Still the smiliest kid we've had, and the boys loves to eat.