Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our family went out tonight to visit a very dear, sweet man.  A man who has smiled every time I've seen him, until today.

Several years ago this man was told by his doctors he didn't have long to live.  But God answered prayers, and moved beyond medicine, and gave our friend many more years of life.

This man has been kind to our entire family, but he loves Alan very much.  Alan stole his heart quite some time ago.  :-)  Our friend has told us on many, many occasions how often he has prayed for Alan.  Of course he hasn't been the only one, but he is one of the few that has openly shed tears upon seeing Alan.  He knows God has done mighty things in Alan's body, and God has done mighty things in his own body too.

But now, that human body is finally getting tired.  

We have gone as a family to visit a time or two in recent months.  And while Alan is still a little on the shy side, Dale loves people, and loves to go and to visit.  He asked to go see our friend today.  And because we know time must be short, we went.

I'm so glad we did.

And even though it is sad to think of the end of a life, I left feeling a little awed, as well.  It is amazing to visit with a person knowing, knowing that in a few short days or weeks they will be seeing Jesus face to face.

My Jesus.  The Jesus I read about in my Bible, that I try to serve and honor and talk to.  Jesus who was there when the universe was created.  Jesus who walked on the earth and died for our sins and rose again the third day.  Jesus, on a throne in heaven, that - honestly? - seems a little vague and far away at times.  But no - Jesus is very close, and someday soon our friend is going to see Him with his eyes and touch Him with his hands.

And when I think about it like that, I feel a little more excited that someday, I will too.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. You got me with this post. Very touching. I am so glad that Dale is Dale. Everyone has to love Dale, I know I do, as well as the other two. I know Glen may not have smiled, but you can know that he loved seeing all of you.