Friday, March 12, 2010

Lessons for Today:

 - When taking an alternate route in a small town, for the first time, in a big hurry, to get in front of a couple of log trucks because you do not like driving behind log trucks, because you never  know when those logs might come loose (and wouldn't THAT be scary), be sure and stay on said alternate route longer than you think necessary.  Otherwise, you will pop back onto the original route just in time to watch the log trucks pass in front of you before you pull back out onto the road.  Behind them.  Again.

And on an unrelated note:

 - Half a bottle of balsamic vinegar spilled in the back of your vehicle will smell like very dirty socks.

Just so ya know.


Jennifer said...

Have promptly removed all vinegar bottles from the van:) Your life is so cute!!

Ticia said...

Oh my, I'm sorry.