Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Guess what?

It's STILL muddy.

And we STILL have The Boots:

And I STILL don't like taking muddy boots off a muddy boy.  

I guess I'm more girly than I knew.  

Guess what else?

This boy is STILL cute.

He's 8 weeks old today, and up to 13 pounds (and 6 oz, if you really want to know).

Alan is ready for him to "be big" and wear shoes and play with him.  

Dale, on the other hand, is STILL more content with all things newborn: giving him his pacifier, pushing his swing, and showing him black and white pictures.  Or just cuddling:

Guess what else?

We are STILL managing to do fun stuff!  Even if I am STILL flying by the seat of my pants.  Just happened to check a website before breakfast and discover today is Dr. Seuss' birthday!  Whew!

I'm glad they are STILL young enough to be so easy to please!  :)

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ArkGrandma said...

11 lbs. 6 oz....of course I wanted to know. Yep he is cute...looks like his brothers. Thanks