Friday, March 26, 2010

What's in a name?

1. From the day an infant Alan was diagnosed, our lives gained a new dynamic: liver disease.  

The first 18 months were the most intense.  We lived, breathed, talked, and dreamed about liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, liver enzymes, and liver transplants.  

Liver, liver, liver. 

 It occupied our minds constantly, and although it isn't quite so much at the forefront of our minds these days, all things liver are still significant.

2. We had a very difficult time choosing a name for Tyler.  

Over the course of the second half of the pregnancy, we seriously considered around a dozen names, and another 2 or 3 dozen were thrown out as less-likely contenders.  We are only partially joking when we say that he got his name because "Tyler" happened to be the 'name-of-the-week' when he was born.

3. Along the way, one of the names we considered was "Oliver". 

 It had an 'L' like Dale and Alan.  The 'v' went well with our last name.  It is the middle name of one of my grandfathers.  

Now, since you are reading this instead of hearing it, you might have already guessed where this is heading.  If not, I'll help you out...

It suddenly occurred to us one day, what "Oliver" really says:

O. Liver.

And that was the end of "Oliver". 


The Lockwood Family ♥ said...

O how funny! I didn't catch it until you spelt it out O. Liver :) That's great!

Cindy said...

Oliver is a beautiful name though as is Olivia. It is a name I love.

Andrew said...

I like Tyler better anyway! :) My hubby liked the name Tiffany when we were naming Sophie. I didn't like the last part of the name by itself. Sophie was the only name I could come up with throughout the whole pregnancy. With my boys we had lots of name ideas. It's funny with each of the boys we had lots of girl names we liked but none of the ones we picked out then (if it was a girl) was Sophie.

momtofivekids said...

I did it again!
That last post was me. :)

Suzanne said...

that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was great. I loved the O.Liver. Can we say subconscious?