Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Opinion Please

In a sudden change of mind, I decided it was time to start the Chronicles of Narnia as our next read aloud.  (I had originally planned on waiting until Dale was older.)

During our library trip yesterday I tossed The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in with the rest of our stuff.

It wasn't until well after we'd gotten home that I remembered that, chronologically, The Magician's Nephew is first.

However, some people argue that LWW is a better written, more engaging read, and because of that and the fact that Lewis wrote it first, it should be read first.  

So what would you start with?  Have you read the series?  What did you read first?  Have you read it to your kids?  How old were they?

Thanks for helping with my over-thinkingness.  It's a chronic problem.  Just ask Greg.  :)


Gracie Parker said...

Yes, I've read the whole series to my kiddos. Started when the oldest was 4. Just finished them last year (oldest was 6). We took our time. Can't remember, but I'm sure I started with the Magician's Nephew. We'll cycle back through them before long so that the youngers (or not borners!) will get the chance to hear them too.

Ticia said...

I'd lean towards starting with LWW, it's probably a little easier to get into and not quite as frightening for youngers.
I know my kids would be a little intimidated by some of what happens in MN.

Anonymous said...

I read LWW first, we listened to audio CD of PC, then I read VDT this past Fall. We're going in order of how the movies are going to be made, which evidently keeps things from being "spoiled"...I don't know.

I'm not a Narnia fan, and have opted out of reading the rest aloud. But Kylie finished the entire series after I finished VDT and loves them.

They do get a little scary in some parts...maybe you could read a chapter or so ahead to give yourself a heads up.

rachaelnz said...

Hi Amy,

I would definitely start with LWW. It was written first and is the shortest and most easy going of the books. It is really need to then go back to MN and see how some of the things in LWW originated. My husband has read (aloud) the series through twice now and will probably read it aloud again for our littlies one day. You are such a great Mum for your little boys, keep it up!
From Rachael in New Zealand,

JENNIFER said...

We listened to the entire series on CD and it was fantastic! We picked them up at the Library, some through inter library loan, and it was much better than reading it. The sound effects were great and enhanced the story for us. Currently, we are reading the Black Stallion. After we read a book, we try to watch the movie, then compare. Its fun to discover the differences.

Amy said...

Thanks you guys! I read the whole series for the first time a couple of years ago, and started with Mag. Neph.

I think I'll go ahead and start LWW with Dale and see how he likes it.


Karen said...

I'm a little late to the party but I'll just toss this out there:

We've read through the series twice and we did it both times in Publication order (LWW first). Then we bought the girls the Focus on the family radio theater set and they listen to them in story order (TMN first). So, once you've been through the series you can always go through again in a different order. :)

momtofivekids said...

LWW :)