Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20th

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A day begins....
7:22am - Tyler wakes up.  Again.  He spoiled me at first with 3 and 4 hour stretches at night.  Not so much the last couple of nights.  Last night he woke up exactly 2 hours from the time my head hit the pillow.... every time.  So I pieced together 6 hours last night.  In 2 hour blocks.  Please baby, can you go back to those 3 and 4 hour increments?

7:41am - Dale and Alan ask to get their own breakfast (while I am nursing) and head to the kitchen to get out cereal, bowls, & milk.  I call them back and give ONE instruction: DALE POURS THE MILK.  

7:47am - Dale starts singing - constantly.  Started with the states, added in the capitols, sang another verse to include the order each state joined the union.  Yes, he was making this song up.... reading the information from one of our 'learning' placemats.

7:52am - Dale still singing.  Alan calls from the kitchen, "Mama.... can you come wipe this up for me?"  He poured his own milk.  Overflowed the bowl.  Emptied what was left in the jug.  No milk for Mama's cereal this morning.  Unless I want to re-use Alan's bowl.  No thank you.  Soggy raisin bran isn't really my thing.


Rubber boots.  Dale and Alan each have a pair.  

I have a love/hate relationship with those boots.

I love that I can send the boys outside to play and not worry about getting their good shoes all muddy.

I hate that they go outside and get... all muddy.  

ALL muddy.  From head to toe.

Even if they aren't playing IN the mud... it finds them.

And then that mud finds my kitchen and laundry room floors.  

And both boys end up needed a complete new set of clothes.

But if we didn't have those boots, my boys couldn't get outside to play on those nice mild days.


If we didn't have those boots, my boys wouldn't get outside and get all muddy!

Rubber boots.  

I love 'em.  

I hate 'em.

What do you do about muddy days?
Dale, looking at the mug I'm drinking hot chocolate from:

"When I am twelve, I'm going to start drinking coffee, and when I am having a really good breakfast, I'm going to drink it from that mug."


Michelle said...

Emilee sings constantly too. But she can't read, so she is just pulling it out of a hat. Fun times mama!

Kara said...

Oh, this is bringing back some not to long ago memories. But did you cry over the spilled milk? :) I would have!! I'm praying for you to get a nice long nap today:)

Michelle said...

I don't like that the dog comes in alllll muddy and wants to play! I don't care as much about the girls. I just hose them off (in their clothes) on the back porch, and then they come right inside into the study, I strip them, and stick them into the shower in my room.

Cindy said...

Wonder what constitutes a really good breakfast besides that mug?