Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19

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I have always been one to get dressed in 'real clothes' every day, even if we aren't going anywhere.  But considering:
I have a 2 week old baby in the middle of winter, 

and my maternity jeans are too big, 

and my regular jeans won't button (ok, so maybe one pair does - don't hate me, it's just the way God made me, 'kay?),

and all my regular 'real' clothes are fitting rather ummm.. snugly on the top,

I am quite satisfied putting on yoga pants and a sweatshirt and considering myself "dressed".  Bonus points for putting on makeup.  Hair is definitely in a ponytail.

If you stay home during the day, do you wear 'real clothes'?  What do you consider 'real clothes' to include?


One of Alan's current library books is titled "Boot Weather".  He carried it around with him last night for a while, and finally asked Greg, "Daddy?  Will you read "Boot Camp" to me?"

Basically the same thing... right?  


Speaking of Alan....
He has a nasty little habit of waking up from his naps very grumpy.  I can't imagine where he would get that from .... ahem.  

Yesterday afternoon we wondered where Alan was.  I thought it was one of those times that he was laying in his bed taking his time waking up from his nap on his own terms.  But no.  I looked down the hallway, and here came Alan, bouncing along, looking like this:

His words? A quite cheerful -
"I'm going cowboying!"


Little things make me happy.  Something about this stack of neatly folded, freshly washed baby blankets made me feel all warm inside.

And since the relatives might come after me if I posted a pic of the baby's blankets but not one of the baby....

 and since if one is good, two are better....


Kara said...

Too cute! I love that "going cowboying" Yee haw:)

Michelle said...

Tyler is soooo cute! And real clothes are yoga pants and a t-shirt with a hoodie on the weekend, or blue jeans if I am dressing up!

ArkGrandma said...

Thanks a bunch for 3 pictures. Until Grandpa Rick and I can hit the road we live through pictures.
SO Thank you A LOT!

Kristin said...

I love that little look he is giving in the last picture! Haha.

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

I love newborns! That time goes sooo quickly. Can't believe my baby girl will be 5 months old next week! Boo-hoo.

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Real clothes? You mean my "dressing up to go to Wal-Mart clothes"? LOL That would be jeans and a nice shirt (one without spit-up on the shoulder). At home it's sweatpants, I'm afraid.