Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 25

One of my goals for today:

To say "Go play!" less.  Keeping my boys close by for enjoyment and instruction, instead of habitually sending them off to their room so I can more easily (fill in the blank: check email, make lunch, clean, read, etc.).


On laundry habits:

I started it with Dale, and have done the same thing with the other two... It seems almost ceremonial, to be 8 months pregnant and buy the traditional bottle of Dreft detergent.

I wash all the baby's sheets, blankets, burp cloths, and clothes, both new and hand-me-downs and put them away in the baby dresser / armoire. 

After his arrival, his clothes are washed separately in Dreft until the bottle is empty.  By then the newborn isn't quite so new anymore and he gets the same detergent as the rest of the family.  I do still keep his clothes in his own laundry basket in his room for a while longer.

Babies = lots o' laundry!

Do you do anything special for newborn laundry?


On math and 'fairness':

8 mini shortbread cookies

2 boys

1 nursing mama

How would you divide the loot?


Anonymous said...

good for you, hard sometimes though:)
- Kathi

Amy said...

Thanks! Hopefully I can tell how it went and the end of the day (and give a good report, lol!)

Kimberly Carpenter said...

I think I need that goal this week! Thanks! This time around, she gets her clothes washed in a free and clear detergent I already use for the rest of the family, but I did have to buy special detergent for the cloth diapers...our new adventure.

Michelle said...

All for the mama! Nursing takes lots of energy...

My goal for this week is to find new and creative ways to discipline! For example, today Rachel would NOT stop doing something. So rather than grounding her, she had to write "I will follow directions the first time they are given." 12 times perfectly. Next time she does it will be 30, and then 60, and then if she hits 100 obviously I need to try something else! Seriously though, I just want to be more creative with them.

Michelle said...
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Mamma Lauren said...

You are a busy mama!! When I had my daughter, I used the same detergent that I washed the families cloths in and she did not have any reactions to it! Thanks goodness!!! As far as the cookies go... two for each boy and 4 for the nursing mama! I think that far! HA HA HA!

Kristin said...

I want to know how the cookie situation went down!!!

Amy said...

Kim - You should blog about the cloth diaper adventure... I'm very curious! I briefly considered it for this one, but decided to stick w/disposables.

Michelle - if being creative in discipline means changing tactics often because my current one (or LACK of one) isn't working, then I'm SO there! :)

Lauren & Kristin...
I had planned on 2 for each boy and 4 for me. We each started with 2, which left 2 in the package. When I left the room Alan helped himself to one of the remaining ones. I ate the last one.
So, cookie tally:
Dale - 2
Alan - 3
Mama - 3

NOT 'fair' but that's how the cookies crumbled. ;)

Betsy said...

You mean they still make Dreft? If I remember correctly that was what I used when your Mother was a baby. :)