Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday January 24th

I don't usually post on Sundays... but I wanted to relay the following conversation from this afternoon.

First of all, you should know we don't care much for aren't big football fans.  Therefore, our children know little or nothing about the NFL and its teams.  Today it came up that a 'big game' would be on later between the Saints and the Vikings.  

Dale immediately and confidently stated he knew the Vikings would win.

When questioned on this opinion he, again with great confidence, informed us it was because they were a tougher team.

Greg caught on immediately to this reasoning and agreed that, sure enough, if a saint and a viking were to get into an altercation the viking would most likely come out on top.  

After all...

When the saints go marching IN, the vikings are gonna take 'em OUT.  


 No offense to any Saints fans, right?  

We're just being 'punny'.  

Do you watch football?  Who's your team?


I was just the recipient of the biggest spit-up of my parenting career.  This new little one is more of a spitter-upper than my other two.  Very gassy little fellow.  A good sport about it, but still... you have to keep an eye on that one.  

I was holding him chest-to-chest when he let out a rip-roaring burp.  Followed promptly by what had to have been most of the feeding we were half-way through.  

My neck got a good soaking, with another large bit of baby-puke rolling down my front... inside my shirt.  Already I could tell I had no choice but to shower.  And then I discovered there was just as much down my back as down my front!

Amazingly, Tyler's clothes were pretty much dry, and only a little spot got on the couch.  

Ah well... who doesn't enjoy a nice warm shower on a Sunday afternoon?

We've been reading The Mitten a lot lately.

Dale finally asked the obvious question the other day... the one thing I've wondered myself...

Why wasn't Nicki wearing his new mittens when he went outside to play?


The whys and hows of getting there are a long story, which I will spare you, and just share the finished product instead:


Anonymous said...

Very funny.Good logic.

I've had a few warm showers in my day. Judah's drooling like crazy...teething maybe ? :)

Have a nice week.
- Kathi

Michelle said...

Yay for least it is breast milk puke, which smells waaaaaaaay better than formula barf!

And that is a good question about the mitten. Hmmmm.

momtofivekids said...

we do watch football-only not much this season. The Patriots are our team!

Kimberly said...

I can really understand the nice burp you were showered with. Micah seemed to get me right before we were leaving for church each Sunday...not really a good thing when most of your wardrobe for Sunday either doesn't fit again yet or isn't really convenient for nursing! :) Heidi is much better, but I won't tell you what she decorated me with after being home a few days...ewww!

We are starting a little unit on The Mitten today. I have often wondered that myself!