Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Week

Things I Want To Remember 
From The Day Tyler Was Born

The early morning drive to the hospital with Greg.  Over the years Greg has become an excellent listener, and that morning was no exception.  Having originally felt very strongly about not being induced, and then choosing an induction after all, added to the simple anticipation of what the day would hold, I was a roller coaster of emotion.  He buckled in and handled it all quite well.  He is my earthly rock!

The "trouble" I gave the nurses.  I tend to be a very meek, obedient, Rule-Follower.  But having spent three years getting way too comfortable with hospitals and medical equipment, plus having some preconceived ideas about how I wanted this delivery to go, I questioned the nurses much more than I would have.  I was polite and all, but it was somewhat out of character for me to do more than just go with the flow.  I liked it.

The enthusiasm with which Dale and Alan faced the day.  Especially Dale.  He knew exactly what we were all gathered for, and could hardly contain his excitement.  And then the way he took in all the medical equipment!  He visited the room twice before Tyler was born, and once after.  He was not nervous or intimidated in the least with all he saw, but asked a million questions in usual Dale fashion.  Who knew you could homeschool even from your L&D room?

The way it felt to feel everything.  My first two deliveries were with an epidural, and for an assortment of reasons, I wanted to attempt this one without.  I think it wasn't until the drive to the hospital that morning that I admitted to myself how much I wanted it, and completely committed to it, circumstances allowing.  Greg was behind me all the way, and through the entire morning I had him on one side and my mom and sister on the other.  We were a team.  The experience was amazing.

The look on Greg's face, and the sound of his voice when he said, "You did it!"  I will always treasure that moment.

The words I said when the doctor laid Tyler on my suddenly-empty belly - they make me laugh - and the words I said the first time the nurse placed him all swaddled in my arms - they make me know: that he is mine, and that I have loved him since before I knew him.

The look of wonder on the big boys' faces when they met their brother for the first time.  Dale, who had known what to expect and instantly fell in love, and Alan, who finally fully understood all we had been telling him for months.  I loved watching his smile grow wider and brighter the longer he was in the room.

The glorious afternoon nap I enjoyed in a sunshine-filled room after lunch.  The sense of relief and contentment that the pregnancy was over and we were beginning life as a family of five was an unexpected but welcome emotion.  And that sunshine-bathed nap was bliss.

The sweet, ice-cold drink my mom and sister brought that evening, and the hour we spent together, admiring this perfect, precious blessing, and reliving our shared experience of his arrival.

Happy Birthday, Tyler!  A day well-worth remembering.  


Kristin said...

I am so glad I was a part of your team! It will certainly be a day that I will always remember! :)

Cindy said...

That is a lovely sentiment.

Gracie Parker said...

OH, i LOVE a good birth story! and they're ALL good!!

such wonderful memories for you!

i'm so glad your arms are so full of boys and love!! (and i'm here - email me if it needs to be private) if you have less than glowing moments.)

so much joy for your family!!!!

Kara said...

How very beautiful!!! I am so excited by your new arrival. What a very sweet little boy you have and what a blessing your family is. You make me want to do it again...well almost:)

Michelle said...

He is so cute! I am glad the boys are excited.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well. Enjoy your NEWBORN weeks...they go sooo fast!
- Kathi

Queen Diva said...

Oh, Amy, he's just beautiful!!! I am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Me again...

Just wanted to let you know I got my 5 Things post up. Finally.

Kiss the baby. (As if you need to be reminded to do that:)
- Kathi

Karen said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful boy.

(happy sigh)