Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 27th

I have 3 sons.  And 1 husband.  

Boys growing up to be men eat a lot.  I expect to be doubling recipes and using larger cookware and buying in bulk more and more in the years ahead.

But apparently, we already eat a lot.

Over the holidays Greg, who was doing all the grocery shopping, started buying in bulk.

It seems flour was on the grocery list every trip, so finally he just came home with a 25lb sack of flour.  Alrighty then.  Solved that!

We also go through a lot of peanut butter.

Greg fixed that, too, when he came home with 6lbs of it:

I thought, "Mercy, we'll never use that much peanut butter before it goes wonky!"

But y'all.... 

less than a month since he brought that big ol' can of Peter Pan home....

... it's empty.

I'm going to have Trouble.  

The boys.... they're gonna EAT.


Anonymous said...


brian started doing the same thing for us back in september.

i think we're on our 4th jar of that exact same PB from Sam's.

too funny.


momtofivekids said...

Just you wait till those boys are teenagers! :) I have 3 teen boys now, plus the rest of us, and I have to buy in bulk now. I love shopping at Sam's Club!

Shanna said...

I'm finding that the girls seem to eat just as much...yikes!

Kara said...

Bulk is good! Hubby's mom had 4 boys and she learned to stretch her meals:)

Suzanne said...

my old cooking pans have become my sauce pans and the canning pans are my cooking pans. i cook pancakes on 2 griddles (same with burgers). i used to double recipes to have leftovers, now i'm quadrupling. and my oldest is 8. oh my, i'm afraid of the future! (and we have that exact same carton of peanut butter right now!)