Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 15

This is an add-on post.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post to make sure you've read the latest thoughts I've "added on."  

My littlest little man had his first 'well-baby' visit yesterday.  After losing 8 oz in his first two days of life, he more than made up for it by gaining 14 oz over the following 7 days!  Woohoo!  That put him up to 8lbs 10oz.  The goal is for a baby to regain their birthweight by the time they are 10-14 days old, so we were pretty happy with birthweight plus 4 oz at 9 days!  Breastmilk is awesome stuff.


Found the coolest website yesterday: Classics for Kids.  
You (or your kid) can look up a short composer bio alphabetically, by time period, and by country.  There are also samples of classical music, and radio shows with even more information about composers and some of their famous pieces.  Dale and I have also enjoyed the games section, which includes a game I have been looking for for weeks now: a name-the-note game.  This one will be in our favorites for a while.


In other webby-linky-ness: We have started a read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan.  I first heard of it from Kathi @ Bringing up Arrows and was interested from the start!  Instead of reading straight through, this plan has you skipping through the Bible by categories of books, one for each day of the week.  Mondays are Books of the Law, Wednesdays are Psalms, Saturday the Gospels.  Greg and I both really like it so far.  He listens to each day's reading on his commute, and I read either in my Bible or online.  Sometimes I knock it out in one sitting, sometimes it takes all day.  Things are kind of busy and non-routine around here, you know.  Anyway, the point is, if you would like to read the entire Bible you might be interested in this plan.  So what if it isn't January 1st?  So what if you finish Jan 15, 2011?  Or even February 15, 2011?  The point is reading God's word, right?  If you are interested, you can find this reading plan here.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me:)

We are really liking the plan...reading Genesis 8-11 tonight.

Glad Tyler is doing well.
- Kathi

momtofivekids said...

I like the classics for kids site. Thanks for sharing!

You are so blessed!

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Congratulations on your newest addition! Hope you can get some sleep soon. I sympathize!

The Classics for Kids site is GREAT! Thanks for sharing. I never seem to find these cool things in my searches.