Thursday, February 25, 2010

Luvin' the Luvs

Let's discuss diapers.

We aren't brand loyal on much of anything at our house, and that includes diapers.  

However, we have used enough of a variety of diapers these last 6 years to have some pretty strong preferences.

The diapers we buy most often are the walmart brand "Parent's Choice".  They're cheap (relatively) and they don't leak or give our babies diaper rash.  Week in, week out, these are the diapers we buy until our kiddos are potty trained.

We'll also buy dollar store brands, if we can't get to a walmart, but our non-walmart favorite is Luvs.  Just today I disassembled the diaper cake centerpiece from Tyler's baby shower.  It was made from size 1 and 2 Luvs.  Tyler has really almost outgrown size 1's already, but I decided to go ahead and use them anyway.  And - wonderfully - they don't leak!  At all!

Huggies, on the other hand, tend to leak for us.  No fun.  Not impressed.  Not a fan.

And finally, in this Riveting Diaper Review, are Pampers.  Pampers are the brand our Children's hospital uses, so Alan wore a lot of Pampers.  I like them.  They seem softer than some of the others.  And no leaking.  Some of them are designed with pictures on both sides though.  This leads to diapers being put on backwards.  As anyone who ever put a diaper on Alan in the hospital will tell you.  ;)

So there you have it.  My totally random, rambling review of diapers.  What's your favorite?  Do you even have a favorite?  


Ticia said...

We're totally Pampers fans here. We had bad luck with other brands leaking. Once you get up to the pull-up stage we switched over to the Huggies brand of it or the wal-mart brand.

Anonymous said...

LUVS! And Pampers Wipes!

WalMart and Sam's have been scritchy-scratchy-rashy...

Huggies...I'd actually like to buy groceries at the grocery store too!

Pampers...OK, but still a little pricey.

momtofivekids said...

It's been a while since we've needed diapers around here. But between my 5 kids we had 10+ years of diapers. We always used the store brand(wal-mart and market Basket) or anything on sale. I never liked Huggies, though.

Kara said...

Very good review! We are using Pampers around here, but Huggies Nighttime works the best for us at night. It seems my chunkier babies did better with Pampers and my long, lean babies did alright with Huggies:)

Michelle said...

Always used the Wal-Mart brand, or the HEB brand (with Clifford on them) or the Target brand, depending on which parent was going to the store and where we were at the time. Huggies leaked!!!

Monica said...

I must agree with Kara. With all three girls who were lean, Huggies worked the best. They never leaked with the girls. However, when chuncky-munky Cody arrived we switched to Pampers. They just seemed to fit his big booty a lot better, that and it just seemed that Huggies were not made for little boy plumbing. We never had a leaking problem with the girls, but Huggies leaked everytime with Cody.

Keri Mae said...

Ha, I loved this, "Let's discuss diapers". hubby's asleep, so all righty then! :)

I've been using cloth for 12+ years; I usually have two kids that can go through the same batch (about 24 or so at a time). Once they get to be around 2yo, I switch over to disposable. I like the chlorine-free varieties. We use washclothes from Costco as wipes.

When we go out, we use disposable diapers and regular whatever's-cheapest wipes.

But you knew I was weird all along, huh? ;)

Leah said...

LOVE Pampers here (they just smell so good!), but with baby #2 and any future little ones, we've gone cheaper with Wal-Mart or Luvs diapers. The Luvs tend to leave baby with a nagging "pee-pee" odor, but no blow-out problems like Huggies.

AlisonatLuvs said...

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