Friday, February 12, 2010


Nine inches of it!

It snowed allll day yesterday and part of last night.

For those of you in more northern places that may not be a big deal.  

Around here?  It's a VERY big deal.



Get. out! - That is exactly what we intend to do!  Daddy is off school for the day, and so are we.  We're supposed to reach 40 degrees today, so the biggest buffaloes are on their way out to get started on their snowman.  More pictures to follow later today!
In baby news....

We are still in that newborn phase.  The newest change being that the wee one likes to be held.  A lot.  The days seem to go by very quickly, and there isn't any way everything gets done.

Some days we eat three yummy meals, and the house is a mess.  Other days we survive on cereal and pbjs, and do lots of school.  And still other days we do a little bit of school and a little bit of cooking and get the house back in order.  I'm ok with all this.  But in between life and lots and lots of baby holding (and feeding and changing) the poor ol' blog gets neglected.

As for a sleeping update, the past three nights little man has had a 5 hour stretch each night!  Yay!  And then stayed awake the next two hours (roughly 4-6am).  Not yay.  It's ok.  We'll get there.  
Sunshine and above freezing temps make snow go away very fast.  Even 9 inches of it!
I'm glad we got out early and made the best of it.
All before lunch we...

Stomped around:


Ate snow ice cream:

And made a snow man!

And now, even though there is a lot of grass peeking through, Daddy and his little buffaloes are out having a big ol' snowball fight.  From the sound of things, I think they are having a wonderful time!  :)


JENNIFER said...

Hey, that's my snow, give it back!!
We were foretasted to get all that, but instead we got a dusting. They even started canceling school the night before. The weathermen were very, very wrong here in CT. In fact, one went so far as to wear egg on his face!

Wendi said...

Love the snow pictures ~ I bet your kiddos are having a great time, especially since it's a rare occurence.

We got snow too, lots and lots of it. We usually get some snow up here (in MD) but not in the ginormous amounts we've been getting lately (20 plus inches)!

Enjoy those days with your newborn ~ my youngest is three and I would love to have some of those slow down and cuddle days again :)

Jennifer said...

That's one rockin' snowman!! :)

Arkansas Grandma said...

LOVE the pictures! I'm glad Daddy Buffalo got to stay home and play.(He always liked to play in the snow) Hug 'em all for me.
Hey your snow hat,;)

Catherine Anne said...

We LOVE the snowman

Linda Jacobs said...

Well, up here in northern NH we haven't had any snow in 3 weeks! I didn't even have to wear boots to school the last two weeks.

Your boys are so cute! I could eat them up!

Kristin said...

Oh it looks like it was so much fun!!! I LOVE the snowman! Haha, I'm super jealous of your snow.