Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday To-Dos

It snowed.  We played.

It was Sunday.  We went to church.

It was Monday.  We cleaned house.

Okay, so my wonderful husband did most of the cleaning.  He had the day off for President's Day.  

So, it was Monday.  I.... oh yeah... I fed the baby.  That's pretty much what I do every day!  Yesterday I did get a shopping trip out alone with my mom.  "Shopping" as in we walked through every aisle at the dollar store.  

We live in a small town.  There aren't a lot of options.

I'm okay with that.  It has its advantages!

Today is Tuesday.
I have 

- laundry to put away.
- 'deskwork' to do
- a dr appointment to go to
- Bible chapters to read
- supper to make
- school to do

We'll see how all that goes.  

So far I've fed the baby, made breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, held the baby.

I'll check back in with you guys later.  :)

Obviously my kids haven't seen much Sesame Street.  

Dale and Alan are playing with a talking Sesame Street toy (old baby toy of Alan's they wanted out of Tyler's closet).  

Every time Burt does his funky eheheheheh laugh, they say it's a duck.

Obviously.  Not much Sesame Street.

P.S. VERY slow progress on the to-do list.  Very.
Dr. visit - check!
Deskwork - making progress
Up next: Putting away the clean laundry and getting started on supper (I'm thinking split pea soup tonight... we'll see).

But first.... going to go pick up my crying baby.  You guys should see him in his little Pooh bear outfit... too cute!  Maybe I'll get a pic up later.  :)
Supper was a success.  Pea soup.  Very yummy.  (Even if I DID want to try it w/curry and forgot my curry at the 'other' house.)  And warm fluffy whole wheat biscuits, too!

Over the course of the day I got a few Bible chapters read.  Not nearly as much as I wanted, but some.

School?  Didn't get to any of our Olympic lapbook activities.  Grrr.  Maybe tomorrow!

And, as promised... the Pooh pictures!

With bonus smiles!  Couldn't choose just one, so you get all three.  :)


Kristin said...

I love the picture. :)
I miss you.

Michelle said...

It'll happen, mama. And he is just so precious!

Cindy said...

Hey, Amy, don't know if you do this already but a really fun thing to do is to take take a monthly picture of the baby sitting by the same, big stuffed animal. The animal starts out really big and the baby looks so small. In a year, the reverse is true, of course. It is way cute.

Cindy said...

You think maybe Alan has been showing him some of his smile technique?

Kristin said...
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Kara said...

Oh he is too cute! It sounds like you are keeping busy and doing great. In fact I don't have a baby to feed and hold and I'm way behind on my daily chores!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Cindy's stuffed animal idea!!! Am I the only Mom who doesn't do that???

It looks to me like you're getting quite a lot done!

brwilliams said...

Oh my gosh! Tyler looks like Alan to me! What a cutie!