Sunday, February 7, 2010

I need your help!

Dear Bloggy friends,

As I have mentioned before, I love food.  I love eating.

But lately, I have run up on a problem:  I hate food.  I miss good eating.

I don't have a lot of time these days for menu planning, or even extensive cooking, and I am quickly getting burnt out on our usual stand-bys.

You may know the ones: Peanut butter sandwiches.  Pancakes.  Cold cereal.  Bananas and apples.

This is where you come in.  I need new ideas!

What are your (and your family's) favorites?  Your go-to foods for snacks and meals?

Quick breakfasts?  Good lunches?  Fun or yummy snacks?  Fairly quick and easy and yet still taste good suppers?

Would you leave a comment with some of your favorites and 'old faithfuls'?  Or if you have lots of ideas and recipes, maybe even a link to a post on your blog?  

I'd be ever so thankful, friends. 

My tummy and I already thank you.  :)


Monica said...

One of our favorites is Spaghetti Pie. I pulled the recipe from It is pretty quick and easy to fix and if your kiddos don't like bell peppers or the green onions you can just leave them out. It also makes a lot of food, so that you can put one away for a later date. If I were closer to you, I'd bring one by...actually have an extra in the frig right now. Good luck on your food hunt! :)

Cindy said...

A favorite of my family is and has always been vegetable soup. It is very easy to make. We try to stay away from canned veggies because of the sodium content due to the tomato paste to use for the broth. It is just simple with potatoes, onions, a small amount of green pepper, and carrots. Boil all that in water and vegetable stock if you have it, add tomato paste after potatoes are soft. Eat with cornbread. It is a great comfort food and especially good on a cold day. When my nieces were small, they loved it!

Anonymous said...

We're in a rut too.

A good place to visit for this would be A Path Made Straight. Elise has "The List" posted on her blog, and some tips on having a "Baking Day". I plan to implement her ideas soon, I hope.

brwilliams said...

One of my favorite breakfast foods is a sausage and cresent roll dish. Brown part of a package of sausage the way you would hamburger meat. In a baking dish roll out one can of cresent rolls then put down the sausage, then use about half a package of cream cheese (can put rotel or peppers in too!) and roll out another can of cresent rolls. Bake until brown. It is savory and yummy and feeds many!

Anonymous said...

I passed some Sunshine your way today on my blog, feel free to soak it up as you wish :)

Suzanne said...

i posted this a while back - it may help: