Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby days

Do you know how hard it is to compose a blog post while listening to a crying baby?!

I had some sort of clever thoughts to put here, but they are long gone.

Instead I'll say:
He's a good baby.

We had a good day.

He had a bath!

He is starting to smile!

He fusses a couple of hours every evening!

Including right now!

Enjoy the pictures!


Michelle said...

He looks so much like baby Alan to me in the first picture! Same face shape and everything!!! And the smile picture is PRICELESS. What a cutie patootie!

Anonymous said...


Hang in there!

And yes, crying baby = no post!

Shanna said...

Bath time is our favorite time of the day. Levi squeals and splashes the entire time.

Arkansas Grandma said...


Linda Jacobs said...

Oh, I want one, too! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Suzanne said...

"crying baby = no post" SO true! THAT's where I've been. not to mention crying mama - good grief!

look at that sweet little face!!