Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I'm going to ramble a bit...

We have been in serious need of some groceries at our house recently.  We talked earlier this week about the whole fam going to WalMart.  I started working on a menu and a list a few days ago.

But then I decided it didn't sound like a good idea at all to take Tyler out and drag him around a supercenter for a couple of hours.

And there is no way I could go and shop and get back before he needs to be fed again.  And I'm not ready to introduce a bottle just yet.

So, that left us with the option of Greg being the Grocery Gopher yet again, just like he's been doing for a few months now.  Thankfully, he doesn't mind.  Although I would have liked the time to do some Valentine's shopping.  And Greg's birthday is coming up this week too.  Ah well.  I did briefly wonder if he would take advantage of his trip to do some Valentine's shopping of his own.  But I tried not to think on it.  Just in case he didn't.  
At any rate, he once again headed out to gather up all the stuff we need.

It reminds me of the frontier days when Pa would take the wagon and go to town, leaving Ma and the kids at home.  He'd be gone a day or two and come home with supplies for the months ahead.  That and a piece of penny candy for every kid, right?  Maybe a new pair of shoes he had fitted by tracing their little feet?

Incidentally, we have done the foot tracing thing, too.  Back in the late fall when the flu was rampant and Alan needed new shoes and we weren't taking him in stores at all.

No need to trace feet today, though.  Even though Alan didn't need new shoes, he got to go with Daddy - all by himself!

Dale stayed up laaaaate last night with us watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.  He has done pretty good today for getting so much less sleep than usual, but still.... walmart would have been too much.

Daddy and Alan got home and started unloading all the goods.  I always love grocery day, whether I do the buying or Greg does.  There is something so satisfying about filling the fridge and cabinets.  And then, when Greg goes, there are the little surprises.  Things that weren't exactly what I had in mind, or just seeing him do things his way.  Like the JUMBO size can of fruit cocktail.  Or the very UNripe avacado (note to self: bump that meal down a few days).

And then there are other surprises that were supposed to be... well... surprises.  Alan was so proud of the grocery shopping today.  "We got bananas!"  And a little while later... "Daddy got you some chocolate!"


"Oh he did?" I say, glancing at Greg.  All he had to offer was a wry, and only slightly defeated, "Happy Valentines Day."

Still, we all had fun poring over the bounty.  Dale was particularly interested in the 12 pack of Ramen noodles I had requested for quick lunches on those can't-seem-to-get-anything-done days.  When I offered Greg the choice of anything from menu for supper tonight as thanks for his shopping, Dale piped up suggesting the Ramen.

A kitchen FULL of groceries: fresh meat, veggies, cheese, pasta.... and he wants the Ramen.  We loved the irony.

If you are still with me after all that, I applaud you.  It was pointless rambling, and probably bad blogging, but it felt good to sit and spell it all out.  Literally.  :)


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

Philip's been doing the grocery shopping for me, too. How pathetic is it that I actually miss doing it myself?!

Oh well. :)

ArkGrandma said...

LOVE the rambling!
You've got some pretty cool buffalos there! Don't you just love the innocents of a child.

Kristin said...

I loved this post! It wasn't hard to stay with at all! Enjoy your chocolate! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Pa" is still heading to Town for us too :)
I LOVE grocery day...the fullness of our fridge and pantry make me smile.
My kids would have SO picked the Ramen too!
Have a good week!