Monday, February 1, 2010

Back-burner blogging

Tyler has decided it's ok for babies to cry some.  And demand to be held.  And eat every 1.75 hours during the day.  

Which is ok.

Until I decide I have other things I'd like to do too.  

Like eat.

Or clean out my refrigerator.

Or blog.

Or do a craft project with the big boys.

Or any number of other things from my ever-growing list.

Ah well... he's only 4 weeks old.  I originally imagined giving us at least 6 weeks before I tried to start jumping back into things too much.  If I look at in that light then we are doing great.  Even ahead of the 'schedule' I had pictured in my head.

I admit, I often feel torn.  There are lots of things I'd like to be doing....

but who can complain when you get to spend so much time holding something as precious as this?


Cindy said...

He really is sweet and cute! That fridge will wait for a cleaning.

ArkGrandma said...

I know I wouldn't complain about holding him....stupid ice and sleet!!

Anonymous said...

hold the baby...leave the fridge.

grandmas comment made me smile

Michelle said...

How precious is he!!!! The fridge will soooo wait.

Amy said...

So funny to me y'all all mentioned the refrigerator! Point taken! ;)

Kathi - you may have guessed... Grandma lives in your general direction and was supposed to come visit Saturday, but couldn't get here! I'm still hoping we get some of that pretty white stuff you guys had! :)

Shanna said...

Oh my, he is precious!

Keri Mae said...

So right! What a cutie!!! I can almost smell his sweet baby head right off the computer. Enjoy this time! :)))

Keri Mae