Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Stuff

Look what we're making today!  Details and more pics and projects later.  Meanwhile, you can go here to see where I got the idea.  


There really is more to come on our fun & learning today, but I had to interrupt those thoughts to let y'all get on board my "Fortunately / Unfortunately" rollercoaster.  Did you ever play that game?  

Here is today's version:

Fortunately, we were able to use the same wonderful baby mobile for Dale and Alan.  They both loved it, and with both of them, I loved it too.

Unfortunately, when we packed it away after Alan outgrew it, there was a piece broken.

Fortunately, there are several handy people in my family, AND I am an eternal optimist, so I felt confident we could fix it.

Unfortunately, when assembling the mobile for Tyler today, #1 - I discovered it no longer turns, and #2, another piece broke.  A piece that seems less fixable.  Apparently mobiles do not last longer than 6 years or 3 children.  

But I don't want another mobile!  I want THIS mobile!

Fortunately, when I googled a picture of our mobile just for the purpose of telling you this sad little tale, one of them came up at walmart.com!  We were given a walmart gift card for Tyler for when he was born!  And haven't spent it!  Yay!

Unfortunately, upon further reading, I saw this item is "Not Available at this time".  :(

Fortunately, as previously mentioned, I can be optimistic to a fault... even if it means denial!  So I have hope that our mobile can be replaced.  It's just going to be finding a bargain that proves challenging.  

Fortunately, I'm up for it. :)


Finally, I am sitting down to recap our G-hog day stuff.  The race is on to see if I can finish this post before Tyler wakes up to be fed.

Ready.... set.. GO!

The marshmallow snowmen weren't really groundhog day related, but they have been on our fun-stuff-to-do list for a couple of weeks.  The boys saw the marshmallows come in from the store yesterday and insisted we use them!

So we did.

Powdered sugar icing for glue.

Pretzels for arms and nose.

Chocolate chips for eyes.

Black gel icing for a smile.

Or uhhh... something like that. 

These happy looking fellows don't know they are moments from being eaten.

The snowmen, that is, not the boys.  ;)

And in more appropriately theme-related activity...
Groundhog puppets!

For playing, and for using with this song from abcteach.com.

Then a printout about groundhogs for Dale's science notebook.

A couple of groundhog coloring sheets, and we felt we had fully celebrated February 2nd!

P.S. I typed one line after "ready, set, go" and Dale began demonstrating for Daddy what he learned on the piano today.  Something Tyler usually sleeps through, but this time did not.  

But given the right comfy chair, Tyler and I can multi-task juuuust fine.  :)

Burping, however, requires two hands.  

Happy Groundhog Day, friends!


Kristin said...

Haha, I love your optimism. Don't let them get you down! ;)

momtofivekids said...

What a cute, edible craft! Fun! Hope you find your mobile!

Karen said...

Ebay, maybe?

Now it's time for me to sheepishly admit that only one of my girls (the oldest) had a mobile. Actually, she's the only one that had a crib either. ;)

Amy said...

Karen - are you guys co-sleepers? The only kiddo we share our bed with on a regular basis is Alan. He has the habit of joining us... and we usually let him stay. :)

Even though the first two boys slept in their crib at night from the get-go, Tyler has yet to spend a night in it. He sleeps in his bassinet for now. In the living room, of all places!

Shanna said...

Funny, we did an entire groundhog day unit last year. This year I had no idea it was even groundhog day until about 6pm.