Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Concert

Dale was very generously offered a ticket recently to attend a concert with his Dad.  

This meant not only the concert, but also spending an entire afternoon and evening "just the two of them" (if you don't count the 30-something other kids and parents) and getting to ride a school bus - with Daddy driving!

They set off after church, still in their Sunday best.  I had packed the 'cleanest' lunch I could think of and hoped for the best.

Oh my.  

Dale's pants may never be the same.  That khaki was a wide open canvas for everything and anything within a 10-foot radius.

First there were the stray ink marks from church.  

Amazingly enough, I think my lunch plan was successful and stayed off the pants.  Or at least invisible.  Choosing apple jelly instead of grape was strategic, you know, and had nothing to do with taste preferences.

And then there was the bus.  Apparently there was some large 'hump' thing near the driver's seat, so while watching and helping Daddy get ready to go there was much climbing and sitting (and probably sliding).  So we add to the innocuous ink marks a lot of blackish gray smudges.  Dirt.  And probably grease.

So that's how my boy arrived.  

Which brings us to intermission.  During which Dale ate Doritos.  And used his thighs as napkins.
Are you picturing this in your head?  The pants are getting colorful, are they not?

By the time my guys headed home a long time had passed since lunch and some fast food was in order.  I send my gratitude across the miles to the Sonic employee that neglected to include any ketchup with those fries.  The grape slush, however, was a whole other matter.

If you need me, I'll be in the laundry room.  My son went to a concert.

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Monica said...

Love it! Absolutely love it!!