Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I think I spot a pattern....

I'm beginning to think it is never a good idea to teach your kids to "say cheese." Because you might end up with a lot of this:And this:(It IS true that I'm not the only one with a baby making messes wearing nothing but a diaper and a dirty face, right? .... right?)

Moving on...
Sorry, Dale. I had to make a sacrifice with this picture to make my point, and you were it. You took one for the team, and I thank you.

But what really makes me feel ok about making Dale 'take a hit' is that I took one too:
How a thin person can make it look like she has 4 chins I do not know.

But we're supposed to be noticing Alan, anyway. And the way every smile has the same toothy grin. Chin pushed forward. Head tilted to one side.


And all a result of saying "CHEEEESE".

This would also be a good time to mention that this same child will bring me the camera, insisting "cheese, cheese, cheese!" and also knows how to turn on the camera function of my cell phone all by himself. I can't tell you how many times he has handed me my phone, camera on, and backed away saying "cheese".

And, wouldn't you know it.. my phone is full of pictures of our favorite little cheeser. Go figure.


Jennifer said...

Just too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

There is another word that I have heard for getting a picture. I don't remember right now what it is, but maybe it won't be so c-h-e-e-z-y. Maybe someone else will remember what it is.
Alan is a cutie no matter what his word is. Nana

Kimberly Carpenter said...

My dad, the photographer, would make kids say COOKIE. You wait until they get to the last syllable and you get a smile every time....but, Micah is used to CHEESE too! He will pick up the camera, put the lens to his mouth (that can't be good for it) and say cheese! We use cheese for good tooth brushing, too!

Mommy said...

LOL! I enjoyed your post so much! My kids are Camera Shy except Bean (the four year old) And she is like miss model giving the dramatic poses.

But DALE is so precious. AND you *DO NOT!!!!* have four chins. Come on! If you have four chins than I guess I have 10!

fairenuff said...

Ha! I know EXACTLY what you mean. My girls have both got 'cheese' faces (Eloise's is scary!), not that I take many photos you understand?!

I have found a good way to get the to smile is to give them a sentence, they forget they are deliberately smiling. Our favourite one at the moment is, "An elephant ate my chips."

Kristin said...

I think i still do that crazy cheese face sometimes... :D

Kara said...

Love the pictures of Alan. It is so wonderful to see him making those "cheesy" faces:)