Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day in the herd...

I'm going to try something different today. I'm going to do an add-on post.

6:33 am - Alan woke up. Bad timing. I'm not happy when I see the time.
(Ironically, off and on from when I was a teenager I would set my alarm for 6:33 so the first numbers I saw each day would remind me of
Matthew 6:33...."seek ye first".)

I began rocking Alan - thankfully it is still dark out at 6:33. For 2 more days, anyway. Dale sneezed 5 times. Alan miraculously remained sleepy. Daddy Buffalo's alarm went off. Alan did not remain sleepy. (BTW.... we're staying away from home and sleeping all in one room. A very large room, but still.) "Daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy."

Oh well.

Fast forward..... Greg went to work, Dale got up. The boys snacked on vanilla wafers and peanut butter. At least they had milk to drink.

I got dressed and enlisted the boys as kitchen 'help'. I washed dishes, Dale dried and put away the plastic stuff, and Alan splashed dishwater everywhere.

I hate to admit I didn't enjoy that experience like I should have. It sounds good on paper (er... on screen?) and I will definitely try again. I like having my boys close by. Underfoot. I just need to work on my patience for it. :)

We finished up dishes and got ready for breakfast - cereal, and if you have the sugary kind it isn't really any different than milk and cookies for breakfast, if you think about it.

Alan is asleep now for his first morning nap in days and days. Who knows what this will mean for the afternoon?? Stay tuned!

Now Dale and I are off to read together. :)


1:00 - Alan slept almost 2 hours!! Which tells me he really needed that nap.

Dale and I did a little bit of school work. We're kind of having a light week this week. First we read this book together. Just one of our 'extras' from the library this week.

Then we read the story of Jesus washing the disciples' feet and did some table-work - coloring and writing. Short, easy simple stuff today. And good thing I didn't have lofty goals and extensive plans: Dale was full of energy and the sillies.

Then it was lunch for all 3 of us. Dale disappeared to play outside soon after and I haven't seen him since. :) Alan, on the other hand has been persistently asking to go out from the moment Dale left. He was content to sit in my lap and sing songs for a while, but the distractions are used up and he has brought me his socks. Looks like we're going outside!


5:30pm - We DID spend some time outside! (During which I was responsible for putting 4 kids, 1 dog, and myself in danger of getting wasp stung. Oops)

Alan did NOT have a second nap. I laid him down and he stayed quietly in his bed (that's a BIG warning sign, by the way. More on that in another post) but did not go to sleep.

Greg is home. He and the boys are outside. Again. More. Still. Oh the joys of OUTSIDE!! :) Thank you Lord for beautiful days like today. :)

Supper is cooking and we'll all be around the table soon. Ahhhh.... life is good, isn't it? :)


Had our supper and a dessert I made (pear crumble - without a recipe!).

All 4 cleaned the kitchen together, so there won't be dirty dishes waiting on me in the morning. So I won't have to feed my children vanilla wafers for breakfast. ;)

Did some stuff on the internet. Played some stuff with the boys. Did some more stuff on the internet while Greg got them ready for bed (usually something we both do) - what a treat!

Said prayers, tucked them in. Got to spend some quiet time w/my man before the weekend apart. We like to play card games sometimes at night. I won two quick hands of Uno tonight. :)

And now it's off to bed!


Kristin said...

A warning sign of what!?!? Wow, what a cliffhanger...

momtofivekids said...

I love reading about other hschooling mom's days, I'll have to post one of mine on my blog soon. You have fun ages and I'm partial to boys, having 4 of them myself.