Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things worth considering.

Please, take the time to watch these videos. They are worth it.

15 minutes ago I had never heard of this woman. Now? I love her.

The stakes of the election we are facing are very high. The issues are numerous, although the ONE issue discussed above should be enough motivator for any of us.

Please - GO VOTE. Don't believe the lie that your vote doesn't count. NOT voting is essentially casting a vote for the opposing party.

**Thanks to
MaddieLynn for the link to the first video, and Mrs. June Fuentes for the other two.**


Kristin said...

I finally watched these videos. And, wow.

Kimberly Carpenter said...

I actually heard her speak in person at a youth conference in Little Rock as a teenager (she was one herself at the time). She was just as compelling and a blessing then. It is awesome to see how God has carried her through life for a testimony so valuable to this day and age!

Jennifer said...

Gianna's videos were wonderful...such a blessing to hear someone speak so boldly for our savior. I mentioned them on my blog today...hopefully, many will take the time to really listen. Thanks for sharing - so powerful!