Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

In short:

First of all, Greg unbelievably, miraculously, through a series of little events had the day off. How cool is that!?
Here's how we spent our day:

Got up early. Took Alan to labs.

Went into "town" to Wal-Mart!
Bought shoes and jeans for Dale. Groceries.
And a handy-dandy nifty little toy for me: a web-cam!

Came home with fried chicken and 'red skin' potato salad for lunch.
Dale swallowed a bone.
Threw it up in a paper plate in the sink.
I sorted through it with a fork to make sure the bone was there.
We finished lunch.

I spent a good chunk of time on my latest project!
Post on that to follow soon.

Stayed home for supper. Original plan was to go out.
We changed our minds.

Gave Alan a little hair trim and then a bath.
His first one in over a month!
It was in the kitchen sink. I have a pic. Maybe I'll add it tomorrow?

Played with the new webcam.

Was in a live-view chat with my mom when she showed me this.
Made me cry.
But it was a good cry. :)

I couldn't have wished for a better day.
And guess what!?
I'm STILL in my twenties!! :)


Kristin said...

I heart you.
You are amazing.
I hope you know you are what I aspire to be.

fairenuff said...

Happy Happy Birthday Amy!!!
It sounds like a great day (minus the bone and puke!). I love the thread on your Mum's site.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! And you can't see me, but I am sticking my tongue out at your for the "i'm still in my 20s" comment! :-) Hope it was an awesome day!

Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Amy! I am still in my twenties too, lol!

What an exciting birthday, to have your little guy swallow a bone. Sounds like something that would happen to me.

Bean busted her lip on her birthday, and couldn't even eat her birthday dinner. :(