Thursday, October 2, 2008

Knock Knock!

During our last hospital stay a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights at the Ronald McDonald House.

While we were still working on getting settled in that first night, my Mom and I needed to make a run to the linen closet. Dale was busy playing with a toy, and we were making a quick trip anyway, so we decided to leave him in the room.

RMH doors lock automatically behind you, and my Dad was who-knows-where with the key, so we took the opportunity to teach Dale a little independence and stranger safety: we explained that when we got back we would knock on the door. He was to ask who it was, and then let us (and us only) in.

When we returned to the room and knocked on the door, Dale played his part perfectly, obviously enjoying his role:

We knocked.

Dale, in a cheerful, sing-song voice: Who iiis iiiit?

Us: Mimi & Mama

Dale: Mimi & Mama whoo-ooo?

We wanted to box his ears for being a smarty pants, but we were too busy laughing.

... have I told you Dale loves Knock-Knock jokes? ;)


Kristin said...

HAhahah!!! Oh Dale. He is so hilarious.

Mommy said...

He is such a smartie! ;-)