Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday, September 30

6:30am - alarm went off (I use my cell phone). I silenced it.

6:39am - alarm went off again. I silenced it again.

6:46am - Dale went to sit in Daddy's recliner. I got up and sent him back to bed.

6:48am - Alarm. Silenced.

6:57 - Alarm. Silenced.

7:02 - Finally got out of bed. Dressed. Walked around outside for a few minutes. I love early mornings outside. The sky is brightening, the air is cool. Ahhhh....

7:30something. Dale appeared again. "What is that stuff all over you!?" Before he could answer I recognized it myself. In the past few weeks he has had a couple of isolated night-time nosebleeds. He had another one last night and it was a doozy.

They don't wake him up, so he just keeps on sleeping and tossing and turning and wakes up the next morning with blood on everything. Yuck.

Laundry was already on my agenda for today, so what was another set of sheets and mattress pad, right? I threw the pillow away. (Too much info? Sorry)

And speaking of laundry.... I think almost every single item of clothing we own is now clean, with the exception of what we wore today and a few other odds and ends that were hiding. I lost count of how many loads. But I do remember washing Dale's sheets twice. :)

After a failed attempt at Alan's morning nap the boys and I had lunch: peanut butter tortilla roll-ups for them (I had my PB on bread, thank you), apples and carrot sticks.

Got ourselves all gussied up for a trip to the Library:
"Mama! These are my church clothes!" - but they weren't really. He might have worn that particular ensemble to church once waaay back in the summer. Looking decent out in public!?! The horror!

Checked out another arm-load of books for the upcoming school weeks.

Alan had a nap. Dale watched Stuart Little. Okay, so I watched too. I am easily sucked in to tv plot lines when passing by. It's in my genes, okay?

Stuart Little, the movie: cute enough, I guess, but NOTHING like the book. NOTHING. NOTH-ING.

Made supper. Blah-blah-blah. You can imagine the rest.

And somewhere in all that I worked all day: cleaning, picking up, putting away, planning..... you can imagine that too, I'm sure.

And now I'm tired. And going to bed. And setting my alarm for in the morning. Anyone want to guess how that will go? ;)


Kristin said...

Loved the day. Wish I could spend one with you. :(

Mommy said...

Sounds alot like a day of mine. Sometimes I don't handle it too well in the afternoon, and start to cry myself, lol!

I have "shopping clothes" for my girls. When they put them on, they know we are going somewhere, lol!

I also have really stained play clothes for at home.

Sometimes, I use their "shopping clothes" for church, and they pull the same line as yours did, only in the other direction...

"But mom, these are *shopping* clothes!" LoL!