Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Retro blogging

Back in the early days of this blog (all of 15 months ago) most of my posts were daily logs of the goings-on at our house, and then for some reason I got away from that.

I'm not sure if our daily life suddenly got boring-er than it had been or I got lazier. :)

But I thought today would be fun to do a flash-back to my old style. Not that today was that exciting.

More like the relatives are getting impatient for fresh bloggy goodness and I'm so out of otherwise creative blog material. :D
So, without further delay....

Wednesday, September 24

Got up at 6:00am to see my man off to work. Took advantage of the quiet early morning to read my Bible. I usually read from Charles Spurgeon's Morning by Morning devotional book, but I just went "free-style" this morning.

It was one of my best Bible times in recent weeks. Psalm 51, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Galations 5:1, 13, Nehemiah 8:10-12.

And I had a cup of coffee too! :)

It wasn't long until Alan woke up, and Dale followed soon after. We had breakfast (scrambled eggs, strawberries, and some yummy cinnamon-raisin bread made for us by a sweet friend at the library).

Alan began asking (rather adamantly I might add) to go outside. And why deny that on a beautiful day like today, you know?

So we went out for a good little while. Poked around in the sand box, played on the slide, and rode the rocking horse.

Then it was naptime for Alan, and Dale and I took advantage of the peace and quiet to read a few books together. I'm really excited with our current school topics; they've all melded together And with the advice of my mom I'm extending them to last 2 weeks to hopefully do a lapbook or two. Like she pointed out: we are on our own schedule! Nothing says we have to fit it all in by Friday!

I'll save all that for another post or two.

Lunch: Dale and I started on bologna sandwiches while Alan finished his nap. Of course, with all the timing of a toddler, he woke up before we were even half-way done. But really.. when WAS the last time you ate an entire meal without an interruption? Isn't that a given of motherhood?

We're trying to pack the calories on Alan, since he's a little stick boy since transplant. Fairly common, we understand. So for lunch, I heated up leftover mashed potatoes and added REAL butter, CHEESE, and SOUR CREAM. Yum-o!

Spent some more time outside after lunch (what's with these KIDS and the great out-of-doors!?!) Thank the Lord for them or I'd miss out on fall all-together! :)

Another nap for Alan and more reading for me & Dale.

I started an impromptu project after Alan's nap. A sure sign he is growing up: I divided up the toys! Dale's have been that way for as long as I remember, and since Alan's had pretty much taken over his little room, it was time. I didn't remove everything, but took 3 containers and divided the majority of his toys among them. Two went in the top of his closet and the third stayed out to go in the toy/book cabinet. What's left is much for managable, and if experience has taught me right, everything will get played with more!

From there it was time to start assembling supper. A whole chicken has been roasted and is waiting on us in the crock pot. I'm boiling okra and made a pan of cornbread. The boys, I hate to say, I stuck in front of the tv. It's been several days (or more?) since they've seen our favorite Wiggles DVD.

In the midst of all the cooking, I stepped on something and knew, whatever it was, it just broke. I'm not sure if I first smelled the vinegar or saw the bloody spatter, but I had stepped on a ketchup packet! How exciting! And how glad I was I didn't have boys under my feet to either A) get in the mess, B) ask a million questions, or C) both!

And now, Daddy Buffalo will be home any minute. Dale has proclaimed he's had enough Wiggles, so I'll pull him in to help me set the table.

I promised him earlier today we'd play one of his favorite board games with Daddy tonight, so he's looking forward to that. We'll just have to figure out what to do with Alan! :)

P.S. - YES, i KNOW... no pictures. Soon, okay? I promise!!!


Simple Journeys said...

What?! Do my eyes deceive me? A mirage or an actual post? Welcome back! :)

Kristin said...

Yay! I loved this post! Your daily life is not boring at all! I love reading about it! Thanks so much for a glimpse into your lives! :)

Michelle said...

Aren't those days the best!! Glad things are getting back to "normal," whatever that is!

Anonymous said...

It's about time. Never mind I see you really often, I like to find a new blog too. Like I said, if you can't do pictures, just words will do. lol
Love, Nana