Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun & Games

Remember I said yesterday that we were going to play one of Dale's favorite games?

Dale was pretty excited. He asks to play this game a lot, and because of the kajillion pieces and various other reasons we don't get it out very often.

So it was a big deal to him to know we were all going to sit down together and play. As soon as Daddy Buffalo was home, Dale began to tell him:

"We're going to play the Moe Know Polie game! We're going to play Nascar MOE-know-PO-lee!"

Ours is one of those *special* editions of a game better known as...

... Monopoly.


Today was another fun day. I took Dale to Fun Day for Kids at the Library.... it was a Western theme, so Dale wore his cowboy boots. That was a hoot in itself, since he's never worn them in public and could hardly walk without a swagger... or maybe that was a stumble...

The hosts read the kids some western-type books, including
this hilarious rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. The adults were laughing more than the kids!

Then, after supper, those crazy boys wanted to go OUTSIDE again. All 4 of us played tag, lol. The best part was running while holding Alan while he was 'it'. He had a blast. And we all got exercise! Imagine that. ;)

And then I tried to teach Dale to play checkers. While Alan tried to rearrange our checkers. And whined a lot. Maybe checkers would be a better nap-time activity. We could always go back to Moe-know-polie in the evenings! :)


Smockity Frocks said...

Hey there Amy! I was just trying to find your email and didn't see it. If you'll email me, I'll tell you our top secret location and see if we will be in the same neighborhood.

Kristin said...

What an awesome day! I want to play tag!!!