Friday, September 5, 2008

Helpful hint:

Don't wear your regular slips while pregnant even though they are 'nice and stretchy and feel just fine'.

Because later, when you're not pregnant, that 'nice and stretchy' actually means 'the elastic is shot' and these garments will now ride down somewhere between your hips and your knees. And even though, yes, this means this garment is now showing below the hem of your skirt for all the world to see, that will not be your main concern. Keeping it on your body, however, will be of great concern.

Just so ya know.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the helpful hint...but God willing, there will be no more chances around here for that to happen!

Nigel's Mom said...

Amy, this post reminds me of my sister. She wore a slip to church that the elastic was shot not because of pregnancy but because of too many washings or something. She was going up front for communion and the slip fell down around her feet. She very casually stepped out of it and wadded it up in a ball and continued for communion. When she returned to her seat, she shoved it in her purse. It was so hilarious to those that saw it.