Thursday, September 11, 2008

School update

I haven't posted about school in a while, so I thought I'd update on how/what we're doing.

We're still working through our Godly character traits ... "critters" as Dale called them for a while. :)
I had trouble finding much material on 'forgiveness', but the opposite was true for 'honesty'. Tons on that!

Sound of the week this week was 'st'. I'm using that as my own inspiration to push through and finally finish "Stuart Little". We've only had that from the library for oh... 6 weeks or so? Good grief. But Dale still likes it and wants to finish. I told him we'd watch the movie after we finished the book. Mostly because I want to see Hugh Laurie in a role other than House (which I loved and miss).
I love that no matter what we read, we can almost always find at least one example of our sound of the week in it!

We've been learning about clouds and weather for a couple of weeks. Dale is very interested in the hurricanes. And my they are a-plentiful, aren't they?
And, ironically enough, it is difficult to observe and identify the different cloud types on a cloudy day. You need blue skies for that. Hmph.

Dale is flying through all the workbooks I had. I got them from different dollar stores and he is eating. them. up. His favorite section is always the math. I'm toying with the idea of ordering Singapore Math for him and moving ahead. Anyone want to share any thoughts on that?

Because of computer issues I'm short on pictures, so I'll leave you instead with a list of this week's readings:

Psalm 33:4 (Memory verse)
Other Bible:
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Herod & the Wise Men
Jesus & the woman with the bleeding

Jeremy the Honest Bunny - Karon
The Boy who Cried Wolf (Children's Book of Virtues)
The Honest Woodman (Children's Book of Virtues)
George Washington & the cherry tree (Children's Book of Virtues)
How to Behave & Why - Munro Leaf

I Can Read About Weather
Clouds (Exploring Weather)

Mike Mulligan and his STeam Shovel - Burton
STone Soup - McGovern
GaSTon Goes to Texas - Rice
Going WeST - Wilder
Draw Me a STar - Carle


Kimberly said...

Sounds like good learning! Is Alan joining in on the fun? My sister-in-law noticed her younger one picking up on a few things early just by watching big brother learn. I am looking forward to the homeschooling journey!

Michelle said...

Not relevant, but I wanted you to know that my daddy went into surgery this morning to fix 2 hernias, and his heart went all weird when they knocked him out. He is in surgical ICU at the moment, while they figure out what to do.