Monday, March 24, 2008

T'was the night before Easter...

This "taking my kid to the doctor" thing seriously eats into my blogging time! Alan had an appointment today, which meant getting ready and going to bed early last night, leaving at the crack of dawn this morning, and then being gone allll day.

But I'm not complaining. No sir, not one bit.

He's so worth it. :)

But still... no blogging time. And I have so much to blog about!
I have all sorts of things for show & tell about Easter.

Like pictures of the boys in their matching outfits.

And the wonderful sermon our pastor gave.

But I'm going to start with this:

We were invited out for a family barbecue Saturday night, and my Aunt and Cousin put together an egg hunt for the kiddos. With lots of eggs. And every egg was filled with candy!

I hadn't really ever thought of it before Saturday, but Dale had never been on a 'real' egg hunt.
We've hidden a few eggs in our own backyard for him, but he's always the only hunter, and the eggs are always empty.

So Saturday night was a first for Dale.

And....well ...he sort of missed the idea, bless his heart.

Here's what happened. PawPaw got one big, unique, fancy egg and hid it himself.

The kiddos lined up for the hunt, and PawPaw told them about The Prize Egg. Explained how it was the only one, and whoever found it would get a special prize.

And Dale, he had his eyes on The Prize, you could say. And on the prize only. Here they are right after "on your mark, get set, go":

See? Focused. From the get-go.
Now. There are some things you need to watch for in this next video. I want you to notice:
#1 - Dale's sweet little cousin. This ain't her first rodeo. OR her first egg hunt. That girl is on a mission.
#2 - Can you count how many times Dale shouts "Prize Egg"? I can't. It's a lot.
#3 (and most importantly) - Watch what happens when Dale picks up a yellow egg and shouts "Is this The Prize Egg?!?!??" Sweet Cousin (without EVER LOOKING UP) says, "no, it's not!".
Watch what Dale does then:


Because it wasn't The Prize Egg.

Go ahead. Watch it again.

Bless his heart.

This went on for the whole. egg. hunt. If he shouted "PRIZE EGG!" once, he shouted it 47 times. But he appeared to have a blast, even if he didn't go home with The Prize Egg (the prize was $1, by the way), and he did manage to end up with a decent number of candy-filled eggs (even after he and Sweet Cousin hid and hunted and re-hid and re-hunted together about a half a dozen times).

And I so hope you ignored the crazy woman behind the camera shouting sophisticated things like "Just pick up a bunch of 'em" and "Get 'em ALL Dale."

I don't know her.


Kara said...

Sweet Dale and the Easter Egg Hunt!! My oldest used to just look at all the kids grabbing the eggs and it would drive me nuts:)
And don't worry you'll have plenty of time to catch up with blogging later...I keep telling myself that as well.

fairenuff said...

Just WHO is that crazy woman shouting directions at Dale??! LOL

Oh how sweet. Maybe next year it will be much more successful and you'll be shouting, "Leave some for the other kids, Dale!"

Next time please take longer videos, ok?!


Kristin said...

LOVE the videos!!!!! :)

Mommy said...

That is too cute! I really enjoyed watching the videos. I guess the point is he had fun. :)