Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Three days ago I was wearing capris.

And Dale was showing me how he could do this: And then last night, this happened:
We told Dale it was probably going to happen.

And he woke me up at 6:30.

We didn't get up that early on Christmas morning!

Dale is not an early riser.

Not usually anyway.

But by 7:00 this morning he was outside doing this:

But then I called him in for breakfast.

And put all his clothes in the dryer to get ready for round 2.

Because we aren't really equipped for snow around here, as far as clothing goes.

Anyway... Dale asked if I was going to make him a snowflake muffin for breakfast.

I did this instead:
Snowflake toast, with marshmallow flurries! :)

And hot chocolate.

And oatmeal.

Which doesn't seem to photograph well. Ick.

And then I had to take another picture, just for fun:

Alan didn't seem to care too much about the snow.

The eggs? Bring 'em on.
But the snow? Unimpressed.
But I bundled him up and took him out anyway.

Because there were pictures to be taken.

Doesn't he look like he's having fun?
I think he was. Really.
No really. He smiled right after the above picture was taken.

And I captured it!

But I was so off-center I cut half of Dale out.

I am a wicked photographer.

And I was cold.

But before I went in, I told Dale YES, he could throw a snowball at me.

He made a good one.

And chunked it at me.

And missed:
I don't think his feelings were hurt, do you?

And how 'bout those "Snow Club" jammies?

I love it when something works out right.

Did YOU get any snow last night?


Kristin said...

Well, it snowed. For several hours I think. But there is no sign of it other than wet out there.
I wish I could play with ya'll today!

Kara said...

We woke up to snow Monday morning, after being 76 degrees on Saturday! School was actually delayed, which is the first time since being here that has happened! I love the snowflake toast and flurries, what a special treat!

Michelle said...

Nope, no snow. Bummer...Chad said it snowed in Dallas though. And he got there without a coat! And yes, Alan looks absolutely beside himself with excitement about the snow. Really. :-)

brwilliams said...

YES! Loved the snow. I think our dog enjoyed it more than the kids though!

Karen said...

No snow here...just rain. Lots and lots of rain. So disappointing after the beautiful days we've been having!

fairenuff said...

We had tons of snow here but it all melted away during the course of the day. The girls didnt get much chance to play because it snowed after dark and carried on into the next morning but was gone by the end of school. You are so dedicated, there's no way I would get up at 6am to play in snow! What a hero you are!

Anonymous said...

No snow and no rain, but it was 80 degrees in S.A. today.

Mommy said...

Beautiful Snow, and what a creative gal you are with the toast and marshmellows. Yummy, looks good enough for me to eat too.

Alan was too funny about the snow ball, LOL!

Michie said...

What is snow toast? It looks so cool! I want to make some. :)