Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Banner

It's done!! And it was oh-so-fun!

My 'I' pennant. The challenge was to use an inchie. An inchie is a one-inch square. Crazy, I know.
'N' - The challenge was needle-work. And my conscience won't let me publish this post without saying that my mom cut & stitched the flowers for me. Was I capable? Yes. Did I need the boost to get it done? Yes.

I wrote 'new' as in new life, etc.... but it looks like I'm advertising some new product. I guess I could use it to advertise mom's new challenge. Talk about oh-so-fun! You should
go read about it. Really! And join in! Yes, really!
'G' The challenge was to use some gems. I was aghast to find out I don't have any gems laying around. I should be ashamed to even consider myself crafty. But, it's true, my supplies are limited, as is my space to store them, time to use them, and opportunities and funds to shop for more. So I used what I had. A couple of shiny gel thingies. One is in the center of the sunflower.
The whole thing together. Again, because of limited supplies, it isn't connected. I'll have to go "shopping" in mom's ribbon box to see what I can find. ;)
And, just for fun. Because who doesn't like to play with their new pretties they just made?

To see some really outstanding spring banners, and to find out all about the new challenge (which you should really play along in) go HERE.


Cindy said...

Amy, I love the happiness your banners exude. Plus, I really like that 'banner pie' picture you took at the bottom. My banners are already strung together but I bet if you scooted your banners closer together like in that bottom picture in more of a circle, that would create a really beautiful design! That is something to think about! I might 'borrow' that concept from you in the future.

Michie said...

These are too cute. I loved your comment about being surprised at not having any gems lying around. Geesh, don't we all just leave gems lying around? :)

Linda said...

Amy, you did such a great job on these! Like Cindy said, they are happy! I love the words you chose, too!

Claudia said...

wonderful Banner!

Anonymous said...

How fantastic, love all your pennants, great colours.