Friday, August 14, 2009

John Deere green, and other things

My little man cumbersomely crawled out of the car the other day, careful to keep his hands cupped together in front of him.

Dale had already noticed the cupped hands while riding in the back seat together and I had overheard him asking Alan about it, so I knew before I asked what he would say. But I wanted to hear it for myself.

"What do you have there, Alan?"

"A turtle."

He was happy to show off his little turtle to everyone, and even told us his turtle's name...


And while I am on Alan stories, I have a couple more I want to tell... if for no other reason than the fact that writing them here may be the only way I remember them!

Riding in the car today Alan piped up from the backseat: "I saw a tractor on my side!" (Alan loves tractors)

Me: "Oh wow! A tractor! What color was it?"

Alan: "John Deere."

So I guess that means it was green, don't you think?


And finally... a little Alan treasure, one of those toddler / preschooler things that disappear as suddenly as they come, but something about this one is so sweet to me, one of my favorite Alan-isms...
Alan will cover his face with his hands, remove them with a big grin, and say.... "PEEK-A-BYE!!"

Of course, everyone knows one doesn't play peek-a-bye while holding Turtle. You can't cover your face with your hands when they are full of turtle!


Cindy said...

Everything about that is so sweet. And honestly, that is the finest turtle I have ever seen anywhere!

Lisa said...

Sweet, sweet boy.

ArkGrandma said...

Just at a blink of the eye you have replaced our baby with a toddler. (Cute as a turtle!)

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