Thursday, August 27, 2009

The ABC's of our homeschool.

A is for Amy. That'd be me. The lone female in our little school. We are in our third year of homeschooling, but because we took it lightly for preschool and kindergarten I have spent almost as much time reading about it as I have doing it thus far! This year (1st grade) is definitely already much more doing than just reading and planning, but my oldest and I were both ready!

B is for BOYS. Our oldest just turned 6 and is first grade. We are following a Classical / Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum. You can read more about that (with links!) in this post.
Our second son will be three in a few months and is beginning to really enjoy reading books together and "reading" them on his own. He is also really getting into doing his own "school" whether that comes in the form of art projects, just-for-fun worksheets, or choosing an activity from our "Fun Box". I will be blogging more about that soon!

C is for Collect & Change. Probably two of my biggest lessons so far.

I have learned that for a smooth day I need to Collect myself by making sure my lessons for the day (or even better, the week) are all in order before we start each day and week. I plan by the week, and although I am a big planner, I often get lax after several weeks of routine. Then things can easily slip into chaos and we aren't getting nearly enough done, whether it is school work, house work, or both! Must, must, must, stay up on my planning! We are currently tweaking our daily schedules for the most efficient running of school and home and I hope to blog about those in the future, too.

Change: my second biggest lesson. I have to give myself permission to change things when they aren't working, whether it is the day's schedule, the current activity, or an entire curriculum choice or approach. Flexibility is a great asset!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Homeschooling! What have been some of your biggest homeschooling "lessons" in your journey so far?


Andrew said...

Love this post, and thanks for your comment on mine. :) Those are such fun years!

momtofivekids said...

Oh, I did it again! I posted as Andrew.

Deidra said...

Hi Amy,

thanks for stopping by my blog ( I can relate to what you've posted here in this blog post. And congratulations on the new baby-to-be! These are exciting times!