Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dale had a birthday!

And it took 4 days to celebrate!

We started with a family party, complete with volcano cake, per Dale's request, at the suggestion of a certain genius, which prevented me from having to come up with yet another cake designed around cars and/or racing. Whew.

Dale and I were both pretty pleased with how the volcano turned out!
Then, of course, there were presents.

I'm not sure Dale liked any of them.

What do you think?

And then yesterday we had a little cupcake gathering with Dale's friends.

Look what our
awesome friends/landlords/neighbors set up... a gigantic water slide!
They bought it as a birthday gift for one of their kids a few years ago, and it comes out fairly often for summer birthdays. We were honored for it to be set up for Dale's!
Alan has been enjoying all the birthday festivities.
I'm sure he's taking notes so he knows juuuust what to expect when his comes around in November. I just hope he doesn't ask for a water slide! Brrr!

Another year is past, along with another party (or two). And now my firstborn is SIX!!!


Cindy said...

Dale does not appear to be the least bit interested in any of those presents. ;) That is one big cake!

Anonymous said...

Glad the party in Harmony went well. Love Gramps

ArkGrandma said...

It definitly looks like the car hauler was a hit! Thanks for sharing that excited face!!!

Jennifer said...

That water slide has the coolest ever!! An instant party, for sure! And you did an awesome job on that cake...I am terrible at creative cakes - Dale is very fortunate!

fairenuff said...

Wow, SIX WHOLE YEARS OLD. Dale, you are getting old! Glad you had an extended birthday, you are lucky to have such a good cook for a mum. Your cake looked fantastic!

Big hugs from the UK.
Sam, Tony, Bethany and Eloise

Kristin said...

Dale is so OOOLD!!!

Haha, can't wait to see you guys again.