Monday, August 17, 2009

A day in the herd

I am certain this post would be much more interesting with pictures, but I didn't take any today because I hadn't thought of doing this post until about 3 minutes ago. So. There you have it.

Daddy left earrrly early for work today. The boys got started playing around 7:15 and I didn't get up until closer to 7:45. Apparently I am still on a summer schedule. That and it's possible I stayed up until ... way past my bedtime on Just $2 more and I could get free shipping on my order!! Finally, one extra book and $4.99 later, I went to bed. Anyway... back to this morning...

Malto-meal for breakfast because it is quick and easy and we are out of bread and milk.

Started some laundry and Dale and I worked together in the kitchen cleaning up.

Dale sat down to work on his handwriting. I don't think I've mentioned that we've already started school at our house. We started two weeks ago when Daddy did (summer practices), so we are into week 3 of first grade now. Dale and I are both loving it! Handwriting is up first every day. More on that in another post.

After handwriting and a 5 minute living room clean-up the boys played while I had a quick shower and cleaned the bathroom.

After that it was on to some history stuff to finish up from last week, and then today's Bible lesson. Which we followed with math.

We were over halfway through today's math and I could tell Dale was getting close to his limit on sitting down and working well.

Which turned out just fine, because about that time Mimi dropped by for a surprise visit on her way to work.

After Mimi left we had lunch and then headed for the library for this weeks stash of school books. Today's checkouts included books on: ancient Egypt, night sounds, fireflies, and camping. The camping ones are for Alan. More on that in another post, too. :)

While we were at the library Alan had a little potty incident which I will not describe further because, really, you don't want to know. Really. Let's just say we haven't been as dedicated to the potty training as we should be. "We" meaning Alan and his parents.

Home from the library and it was Alan's nap time. Dale was hungry so we had a popcorn and gatorade snack then read books together, then watched youtube videos of volcanoes erupting. Dale's birthday is coming up soon and he is having a volcano cake. So we wanted to see some of the real thing in action. :)

Alan woke up in time to be around for an online chat with Daddy after work and before evening practice. Not sure he knew it was Daddy, but he liked watching all the animations they were sending back and forth.

While the boys were busy with that I made a potato salad and a dessert to carry to my parents' house for supper. We ate bbq chicken with them and my dad's parents.

We visited for a little while and then it was time to head home. Dale has been asking for a while to spend the night, so we left him behind. It took Alan until I put the car in reverse to realize that Dale wasn't with us, but he handled it well... after several questions and answers about where Dale was (still picking up toys in Mimi and Gramps' den), Alan announced, "Aw man! We forgot Dale!"

But he went to bed without a fuss, even if we did forget his brother! Maybe it helped that he got to wear Dale's spongebob tshirt to sleep in. So both boys think they are getting away with something without the other. :)

And now, if you will excuse me, I have some Amazon-yawns and another full day tomorrow, so it's off to bed with me!

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