Friday, February 8, 2008

What is home?

I have always thought/said that as long as my family was all together that was 'home'. So I was kind of surpised tonight (even under the circumstances) to finally have all my family in pretty much one place and find myself feeling homesick.

That got me to thinking.... what is 'home'?

If I think of my home the physical place and what I miss about it, I think of my bed.

My kitchen.

My dining table.

My place on the sofa.

I miss being there with my buffaloes. Seeing Dale and Alan play. Playing with them.

Watching Alan crawl and cruise.

Sitting doing 'art' with Dale at the table.

The four of us sitting down to supper.

Curling up with Greg in his recliner at night.

So maybe it isn't the dwelling or its stuff that I miss either.

Maybe it is missing being where we belong. Doing what we are meant to be doing as a family.

I think that is what people mean when they talk about being ready for heaven. It isn't that life here on earth is so bad. It has its blessings for sure.

But once we have been born again, Heaven is where we belong. We are made to fellowship with God and worship Him. Yes, we can do that here, but Heaven .... ahhh.... that is where we belong. And when our time here on Earth is done, and only God knows when that is, then we get to go "home". Home where we belong, with our brothers & sisters in Christ, to do what we are made to do. Glorify God with our worship... for eternity!

In the meantime, we dream about it. We prepare for it.

Just like I am dreaming about my earthly home and the things I do there. All that cooking and cleaning and laundry is beginning to sound a little like Heaven on earth after 6 weeks away. I know I'm longing for it! I think I might just kiss that dining table when I see it again, and then set to work on cooking meals to eat at it, preparing art projects to sit there and do with Dale, and maybe even put on a pretty centerpiece for good measure!

What things make your earthly home "home" for you?


Shannon said...

Amen! I can't wait for the day I'm with my Lord!!
As for here on earth my home to me is, family all gathered around in my kitchen, Reading to the kids upstairs after they are tucked in, Candles glowing in early evening as we sit around in the quiet, watching our garden grow in the summer.... I love my life.
How long until you'll get to return to yours? Hope it's soon!

Mommy said...

What a neat post! I enjoyed reading. I think you summed it up, that Heaven is where one belongs once they trust Christ.

But here on earth. What makes home for me, is that it "my own". It isn't someone elses. I can be more relaxed.

It doesn't matter where that home is, I believe. I think it just matters that it is your "own space", if that makes sense.

But I totally understand what you were saying about Heaven. :)

Things that make it home for me, is not having to worry about the kids putting their feet on the couch.

Snuggling under my worn out quilt.

Making meals in "my" kitchen. Taking a shower in "my" tub.

Sounds kind of self-centered, huh? LOL!

Kara said...

Amy I read on Alan's medical blog that you are sick!! My prayers are with you and I pray for a speedy recovery.

Michelle said...

Home is when the kids can run like crazy in the house and not hurt themselves because I know good and well that it is baby and kid proofed!
Home is singing karaoke with the girls and knowing that only Chad will laugh at me...and that is o.k.
Home is everyone laying together on the trampoline looking at the stars.
Home is cooking dinner with Lauren (my little chef in training) and being o.k. with the flour/sugar/whatever on the floor.
Home is sitting down together as a family for dinner every night, even if we are just eating pizza.
Home is being able to vacuum whenever I want. (Silly I know, but I think it is the OCD part of me.)
Home is me and the girls laying on my king size bed and reading book after book after book.
Home is being in my space, doing it mine and God's way.

And BTW, I hope you feel better soon. I am praying for you cousin!

Karen said...

Beautiful post, Amy!

Home for me is where we can be completely comfortable. Where we can do something together or just be alone. Home is where I can just be "me" and my family can just be themselves as well.