Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WFMW - corraling toy cars

We don't have a large set of standing rules at our house. We may... down the line... but for now we are able to keep things pretty simple and just expect obedience with small instructions as needed.

However, there has been one rule that we aquired early on and has stuck with us for 3+ years now:

- Cars go on the floor.

You see - Dale was pushing toy cars around making motor noises before he could even crawl. He loves them! And they go everywhere with him.

So it has come in handy for saving tabletops, piano benches, pianos, faces and innumerable other surfaces at our house AND when we are visitors somewhere else from scratches, injury, and other abuse.

It is a simple rule, easy to enforce without exception, and for little ones to remember ("Where do cars go? That's right.... on the floor.").

And that has worked great for us for many, many Wednesdays! ;)
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Classic MaMa said...

This is so funny becasue just yesterday, my one year old Bubba started actually playing with cars. Before he'd put them in his mouth and maybe look at them, but yesterday he rolled it from one end of the hall to the other following it. I'll have to institute this rule immediately. :)

Also, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Glad to meet another sister in the Lord. :)

Thehotrod5 said...

Thats great! I wish I would of thought of that when my son was little! Oh well, maybe I will remember for the next one :)


Mommy said...

Tiny Boy tries to pull that on our coffee table. Thankfully, any kind of distracting noise bothers the girls and my husband. So they tend to "correct" him if he does that.

When I hear all of the complaining with the girls I just have to go over and tell Tiny Boy, "Play with it on the floor. Yes Mame'". And he does. :)