Friday, February 22, 2008

"He loves them more than you do"

I think I may have mentioned before about a perpetual calendar my mom gave me several years ago. It is probably one of my favorite things, and even though it is a small thing, it is one of the most consistant habits I've had in the last 4 years... to turn that little page each day and see the "Promise for Parents" for that day. I keep it on my window-sill above the kitchen sink.

However, it's been stuck on February 16 since, well... February 16 because I wanted to share the quote for that day with you and it's just taken me that long to do it! :) (If I had turned the calendar page I wouldn't have thought of that particular quote or sharing it here until ....oh... Feb 16, 2009!)

"The God who made your children will hear your petitions. He has promised to do so. After all, He loves them more than you do." - Dr. James Dobson

I could elaborate on how important it is to pray for our kids, or how reassuring it is to think about how much God must love them, but I'll leave that for you to ponder. :)

And now I'm going to go read the next 6 days on my calendar. ;)


Shannon said...

Oh so important. Good reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

When 4 1/2 years ago I watched my oldest son hold his own son, I told him "Now you understand how much I love you." But I also never forget that God does love our children just like he loved his son.

Anonymous said...

And God loves all faiths!Tonight I have a formerly Catholic nephew marrying a Morman girl, and they're having a reception (on a Friday during Lent) with meat, and no coffee, tea or booze. My Catholic family is insulted. They weren't even allowed to attend the wedding ceremony, but were expected to provide gifts. What do you think? See what I think at, and vote in my poll on when it's proper to play by the rules.