Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Much more than bland cold mystery meat and watered down iced tea. It's almost real food!

So I wrote my whole "spill-my-guts" post on Sunday, you know, all hoping it would free me up for better blogging. (Thanks for all your nice comments!)

And then I didn't post for two whole days.


We are settling in for our second night in the hospital with Alan. He was admitted Monday around lunchtime for a Tuesday morning liver biopsy because of some of his labs.

The biopsy went fine and we should get to go home in the morning.

This stay wasn't really troubling or anything, mainly just frustration at the interruption to home-life. But once we got here and settled in to the fact that we were back in the hospital again, it was ok. Relatively, anyway.

And I don't have to worry about Dale missing me.... he got to go camping with Nana & PawPaw! He probably won't even want to come home yet! ;)


When I can't think of anything else to talk about, my thoughts usually turn to food. When I talk to Dale on the phone I find myself asking what he had for his most recent meal or two.

Sitting here now trying to think of something to blog about I keep recapping my 2 days of hospital meals. Which aren't that bad here, by the way. And breastfeeding moms get to eat for free.

Well.... you don't have to pay for them when you eat them, but you certainly pay for them down the line, ya know? It's nice though, to be able to pick up the phone and order up anything I want from the menu 3 times a day. 30-45 minutes later it is delivered to our door, and no money changes hands!

I sort of feel like I'm cheating when we are first admitted and Alan's nurse puts me in the computer as being able to order these "Lactation Trays". I mean... he is 15 months old. And can eat a bowl of spaghetti-o's (a hospital treat) or a couple of pieces of bacon like nobody's business. But then I spend the afternoon nursing him to keep him happy because he can't get down and crawl around, or getting up several times during the night to nurse him (especially if he has been woken up by someone coming in to do something to him), and I decide, no.... I'm not cheating. I'm earning those trays!

Oh anyway....

I hope you are all having a good week. Hopefully we'll be home tomorrow night and can salvage a couple of 'normal' weekdays at home together this week! :)


fairenuff said...

Having been there and done that I can tell you you DO DO DO earn those meals. Enjoy!!!
Cant wait to hear you are home and I hope Dale wants to go home too! LOL

Big hugs

Michelle said...

I definetly think you have earned those meals! Enjoy mama, enjoy!

Mommy said...

How nice! "Free" meals. Your insurance is probably paying for them, maybe? You think? ;-)

If not, then that is truly a nice service. I am glad that they think of breastfeeding moms. And glad that they taste good.

And gald that your little one has mommy's milk to help comfort him. :)