Sunday, February 17, 2008

997, 998, 999.....whew!

Well you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words, so to save you a lot of reading I've put together this quick little picture tutorial. :)
First of all.... our family is finally back home together. We got home around 7pm on Valentine's Day. What a sweet gift! Greg & my grandparents were at our house waiting on us (us being me, Alan, Dale & my parents). They had bought balloons and put them out front so everyone would know we were coming home! We said it was almost like coming home with a new baby, and then realized... we were coming home with a new baby... a new Alan, feeling better than he has in his whole life, and with a much brighter future!
Walking into my house for the first time in 7 weeks was wonderfully amazing and well... kind of weird. I stood in the middle of the living room and turned circles taking it all in. It being Valentine's Day, Greg had thought ahead and had roses waiting for me.... awwww. ;)
Notice also in the pic above..... there are some construction paper Christmas stockings Dale and I made together still hanging on the door. And the calendar is on December!!

And then there is the pepper grinder right in front of the flowers. I was a little too distracted for good photography staging, okay?

Nana had made a wonderful fajita supper for us. It amazed me to realize that in what seemed both such a short and long time before, the last time we all sat down together was at that same table on Christmas Day.... 5 days before transplant.

This is Alan and my PawPaw. I wanted a picture of them together on this day. Alan has PawPaw's name for his middle name. From the day of Alan's transplant, PawPaw didn't shave, and said he wouldn't until we all came home. Unfortunately, he was able to grow quite a beard! At least it was wintertime. ;)
I forgot to ask if he's shaved yet. I'm guessing so!

So.... we enjoyed our weekend at home. It is so true....there is NO place like home! And just in was Greg's birthday! Amazing what kind of birthday dinner I was able to put together with the groceries we had on hand. I won't tell you how old my man is... but we put 1/2 as many candles on his cake as years he's been around. It made a pretty good glow. ;)
Happy Birthday to you!! Me & the little buffaloes sure do love you lots! :)


Shannon said...

Oh I am so happy for you all!!! Love the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

OH!!! What joy!!!! I've been waiting for you all to go home and what a wonderful day to do that! YIPPEE!!


Karen said...

Welcome home!

I've said it before but it bears repeating: you all are inspiring, Amy! :)

fairenuff said...

What a fantastic post and the start of a new beginning.

By the way, I think PawPaw suits a beard.

Big hugs to you. I need the new 'happy dance' smilie from LF!

Love and kisses

Mommy said...

Glad you are Home! (((hugs))) And glad that Alan is feeling better than he has his whole life. :)

Happy Birthday to your hubby. Mine will be the same age as yours. (I counted the candles lol!)

Kara said...

I'm so glad you are home!! And I love all the happy pictures. Yipee!!!!

Michelle said...

Yay for you!!!!!