Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something to tickle your funny bone. Or itch up your ribs. Or something.

You might not think so by the fact that I have this blog on the wide ol' internet telling way too many details about our little family, but I am actually quite a private person. Especially when it comes to some things.

Especially personal, medical things. I was very careful about what details I released about both of my labors/deliveries. I don't mind personally exchanging stories with someone, but there are just certain details you don't want repeated, you know what I'm saying?

Some people in my family are not this way. Some people in my family looooove medical details. And that is ok. Until you are the one being 'detailed'.

You may or may not know, I spent a couple of days in the hospital this weekend. I was so thankful to have extra help here to hold down the fort. Greg and his mom mostly kept Alan, and my Dad had charge of Dale while my mom was with me. The short version of the story is that I suffered from some hideous abdominal pain, had some major drugs, lots of tests and never found out what really happened. Good medical care, but the human body still eludes even the experts sometimes. I'm doing much better now.

Or I was.

Tonight Dale, Mimi, and I were sitting in the bustling dining room at RMH. We had gotten all the way to our cake and ice cream, enjoying some nice dinner-time conversation. Randomly, out of the BLUE (is that redundant?), in his very loud, 4 year old voice, Dale turns to me and busts out with:


After pulling myself up from under the table, and somewhat regaining my composure, I carefully replied:
"But I didn't did I?"


Dale, still loudly:

"Is a kidney stone like a bone? A red bone?"

Me, very quiet & shushingly:
"Yes. Yes it is."

Dale, still loudly:
"Does it itch up your ribs?"

Me, trying to give him some sort of honesty... you know.... for his education & all:
"Noooo..... it makes your back hurt."


"I'm going back to our room now."

Good idea, Dale.

Good idea.


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Kara said...

I'm sooo glad you are feeling better and kids do have a way with words don't they?!!

Michelle said...

Oh my. That's always fun...makes you REALLY understand those chewy granola bar commercials! Glad you are out.

Homeschoolin' hot-rodders said...

Too cute! kids always know "what to say" and "when to say it" LOL


Mommy said...

LOL!! Sorry about your hospital visit though. :( Glad to hear that you are much better. :)