Friday, June 5, 2009

Dale learned the coolest thing today....

For our drive home today I gave each of the boys a large lollipop (we call them 'suckers' in our corner of the world).

We don't eat a huge amount of candy, so it was a treat.  

I do have to admit I spent several miles in the middle wondering if that treat had been a big mistake.  

What if the candy came off the stick and got lodged in somebody's throat!?  

For a while I eyed the shoulders, figuring I had plenty of room to pull over and stop in a hurry.  I even looked back at the pickup truck in my rear-view mirror.  Would he stop to help?  Would he know how to do the Heimlich?  

My brain takes these scary little paths sometimes.  Is that just me??  

Anyway, whether I foolishly ignored the risk of back-seat choking, or wisely ignored my worrisome mommy self, I let the boys continue on with their suckers.

After a good long while, Dale piped up from the backseat:

"Wow!  My sucker has
chocolate in it!  It has a tootsie roll in it!"

*Pause for another taste of newly discovered chocolate*

"Huh!  So
THAT'S why they call it a Tootsie Roll Pop!!! I thought they called it that just for fun!"

Don't you love discovering the world through they eyes of a kid?  :)


Arkansas Grandma said...

You got to love it!!!!

Kristin said...

Haha. Oh how fun!